How do you get Howard the Duck in Lego Marvel superheroes?

How do you get Howard the Duck in Lego Marvel superheroes?

In order to unlock Howard the Duck you must complete the Marvel HQ bonus mission called “Nuff Said”. This video also shows some free roam gameplay with Howard the Duck so you can see what abilities this character has.

How do you defeat juggernaut in Lego Marvel?

Use the arrows on the screen to move a crane over Juggernaut and it will grab him, pulling off his helmet. Next, mind-control him with Jean and pull the green handles on the back wall, breaking another pipe. Freeze and toss him one more time to complete the level.

Can you unlock Stan Lee in Lego Marvel superheroes 2?

Head underwater near the bridges to find a breakable wall. Then, switch to Ms. Marvel to use the shrink maze here. This will open the hatch containing Stan Lee.

Where do you enter the code in Lego Marvel Super Heroes?

Enter the code on the first computer in the room Contributed By: Talaeladar, SteeleMan_97, Lawthugg, Joshuap11, and ldurant. Successfully complete the “Tabloid Tidy UP” bonus level. Collect the Ant-Man token in the Industrial District. Collect the Archangel token south of the X-Mansion (south of giant billboard).

How to unlock all the Lego Marvel characters?

Lego Marvel Bonus Characters Unlockable How to Unlock Black Bolt Complete Gambit’s first mission Black Cat* Collect the Black Cat token at the cat p Black Panther Complete his 3 missions Blade Complete his 3 missions

What are the cheats for Lego Marvel Super Heroes?

Successfully complete Maria Hill’s three missions on the Helicarrier. Successfully complete the “Thrill Of The Chess” bonus level. Successfully complete the foot race mission with Nova to the east of the Godzilla-type icon at Central Park. Successfully complete Professor Xavier’s three missions behind the X-Mansion.

Where to find Ronan the accuser in Lego Marvel?

Rhino: Lvl12: “Rapturous Rise”. Rocket Raccoon: Complete the Garbage truck northwest of Central Park, just east of the “Feeling Fisky” bonus mission, and also three or four blocks south of the east coast. Ronan The Accuser: Collect the Ronan character token by finding the hidden path behind the statue south of his icon.