How do you get a Superflat world on Aternos?

How do you get a Superflat world on Aternos?

Go to the worlds page: Click “Generate” Enter FLAT as world type. Confirm by clicking on “Generate”

Are Aternos servers 24 7?

Generally it’s possible to keep your server online 24/7, but not with Aternos. It’s one of Aternos’s core elements that your server turns off as soon as no one plays on it.

How do you get multiple worlds on a Aternos Minecraft server?

Every time you play on one, make sure to download it again and delete the old one to make sure your progress saves. When you wanna switch to the other world, click New / Upload, click Choose File, then locate the world and click Upload world. Then wait for a little bit and click /world/. Ah, ok, thank you!!

What is the biggest Aternos server?

On Aternos, each server is limited to 4 GB of storage space for technical reasons. If you reach this limit, you are no longer able to start your server.

How do you activate cheats on Aternos?

On Aternos you can easily do that on the players page: Navigate to Players -> OPs ( Enter your ingame name and press “Add”

How do I make a new Aternos server?

After signing up or logging in, you will be taken to your account panel where you can create a server. There will be a green button that says “Create” on the homepage which you need to click. It will bring up a server profile and another blue button that says “Create”. Click both of them to start up your new server.

How long do Aternos servers last?

We try to save your server data for at least three months after you used your server for the last time. The actual time when your server gets deleted depends on the general usage and the current financial situation of Aternos.

Can you make 2 worlds on Aternos?

You can create multiple worlds and teleport between them with plugins like Multiverse-Core or MultiWorld.

How do I enable cheats on Aternos server?

Can you trust aternos?

Is Aternos Safe? Aternos Hosting is safe, secure and legit. In our own experience, we had no issues with our server being compromised, uptime was excellent and every Minecraft server is guaranteed DDOS protection so that attacks are thwarted.

Why is aternos so laggy?

Too many or misused mods, plugins or worlds can cause server lags. Make sure to install a reasonable amount of plugins and don’t create too many worlds. Mod features, e.g. machines or chunk loaders also can cause lags. To identify the problem here, it could be helpful to check your log (