How do you cite an interview in a footnote?

How do you cite an interview in a footnote?

Citing an unpublished interview Instead, just describe it in the text, or give details in a footnote. References to interviews of this kind should include the name of the interviewee, that of the interviewer, and any other information you think is relevant, such as the date and place of the interview: 1.

How do you format in Chicago style?

How to format a Chicago-style paperOne inch margins on sides, top and bottom.Use Times or Times New Roman 12 pt font.Double-space the text of the paper.Use left-justified text, which will have a ragged right edge. Use a 1/2″ indent for paragraph beginnings, block quotes and hanging (bibliography) indents.

Does Chicago style need a cover page?

Chicago papers should be double-spaced. Your footnotes and bibliographies should be single-spaced, but should have a blank line between entries. Every page except the title page should contain a header. Title Page: The title page should take up the full first page of your paper.

Is MLA or APA more common?

APA and MLA are two of the most commonly used citation styles. The APA manual (published by the American Psychological Association) is mostly used in social science and education fields. The MLA handbook (published by the Modern Language Association) is mostly used in humanities fields.