How do you cite a source in a different language?

How do you cite a source in a different language?

If you cite a published translation of a source originally written in another language, include the original author’s name, the publication year of the original source, the year the translation was published, and the relevant page number in the in-text citation for both direct quotes and paraphrases (American …

How do you reference a translation?

For works which have been translated the reference should include details of the translator, the suggested elements for such references being: Author, Initials., Year. Title of book. Translated from (language) by (name of translator, initials first, then surname) Place of publication: Publisher.

How do you write foreign words in an essay?

Italicizing Foreign WordsIf only one unfamiliar foreign word or brief phrase is being used, italicize it.If an entire sentence or passage of two or more sentences appear in a foreign language, type the passage in plain type and put the passage in quotation marks.If the foreign word is a proper noun, do not italicize it.

How do you cite Chinese sources in Harvard style?

When referencing foreign language material where the information is written in Chinese, Japanese and Thai, you should transliterate (not translate) the details into the English alphabet, and include the original author names and the title of the source as the example shows. Your reference: Yan, Y. 严曜中.

How do you Harvard reference a foreign language?

Foreign Language Material (Transliteration)Author/editor.Year of publication (in round brackets).Transliteration of title (in italics).Edition (only include the edition number if it is not the first edition).Place of publication: publisher.Series and volume number (where relevant).

How do you Harvard reference an unpublished paper?

Unpublished conference papers Citing an unpublished paper presented at a conference, follow the format described in this section. References: Author Surname, Initial(s) Year of publication, ‘Title of paper’, paper presented to Name of the conference, Place of the conference, date held. viewed Date month Year, .

How do you reference an email Harvard style?

The format of a personal communication in a Harvard reference list depends on the type of communication. For emails and letters, the full reference is: Surname of Sender, Initial of Sender. (Year) Letter/Email to Recipient Name, date of email/letter.

How do you Harvard reference an online article?

Journal Article (online)Author (surname followed by initials).Year of publication (in round brackets).Title of article (in single quotation marks).Title of journal (in italics).Issue information – volume (unbracketed) and, where applicable, part number, month or season (all in round brackets).Page reference.doi (if available).