How do you change the link on a Tumblr post?

How do you change the link on a Tumblr post?

Click the “” icon in the post formatting toolbar to open the post in code view. Type use the “a href” command to create link tags around a word or phrase. To edit an existing link, click anywhere inside the linked text, then click the Link icon. The Edit Link dialog box opens.

How do you link YouTube to Tumblr?

You can add either option to Tumblr through the Dashboard.

  1. Sign in to your Tumblr.
  2. Click “Dashboard.”
  3. Select “Video.”
  4. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to show.
  5. Click “Share.” Copy and paste the video’s URL into the “Add a Video” field to link to the video.

How do you get the URL of a Tumblr post?

Click the top right corner to navigate to the specific Tumblr post. Your browser’s address bar will display the direct URL address that you can use to link to the post. You can highlight and copy the URL address to link to the post in your Tumblr blog, a forum, email or any other website online.

How do I edit a Tumblr post?

Navigate to the post you want edited, then click on “Post Options.” This icon resembles a gear, and is located at the bottom right corner of your post. Select “Edit,” then make the necessary changes to your post. Click on “Save.” The edits made to your Tumblr post are now saved.

How do I make a clickable link on Tumblr?

Drag your cursor over the text to hyperlink to highlight the text. Click the “Chain” icon in the top menu of the post editor to open the Insert/Edit link dialog box. Type or paste the destination URL in the Link URL field. Do not enter a title for the link if you intend to use the highlighted text as the hyperlink.

What is custom URL in Tumblr?

A custom domain name can be set up for any blog on your Tumblr account. Adding a custom domain allows you to change the URL for your blog from the default to or If your domain has two levels (example, point the A-record to 66.6. 44.4.

How do I promote my YouTube channel on Tumblr?

5 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel With Tumblr

  1. Establish a presence.
  2. Include keywords in your blog post and tags for SEO.
  3. Link your social media sites.
  4. Follow similar users.
  5. Engage with your followers.

Why is Tumblr not playing videos?

Make sure you’re using the updated version of the Tumblr app. Most of the time video playback issues are a result of some kind of bug in the app and to get rid of it, you have to update the app. Go to the App Store/Play Store and check the available updates.

Can you edit a Tumblr post after posting?

Tumblr posts are never set in stone, so if you ever make a typo, accidently forget to include (or remove!) something in your post, or simply want to go back in and change something, you can edit it at any time.

What happens if you edit a post on Tumblr?

Tumblr grabs the original post’s content for your reblog, and then any changes to the original post will only affect the original post and any new reblogs of it after the edit is saved.

How do I add a link to my Tumblr page?

If you are not entirely sure how to format the URL, just go to the page that you want to link to, and then copy and paste the URL from your browser’s address bar. All of the characters are important and are required, so if you forget a quotation mark or forget to close the tag correctly, the link will not work.

How do you edit the appearance of a Tumblr blog?

Pick the blog you want to edit. Select the Tumblr you want to edit in the case that you have multiple Tumblr blogs. Note: I only have one Tumblr currently. This is the edit Appearance button. After selecting the Tumblr that you want to edit, Click the account button again and go to edit appearance.

How to create a Tumblr blog step by step?

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How do I log in to my Tumblr account?

Login to Tumblr. This is the button you need to press to get to your account. Click the Account Button, it should be in the top right-hand corner and looks like a small ball above half of a bigger ball. I believe that it’s supposed to look like a person, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.