How do I unlock my BrainPOP account?

How do I unlock my BrainPOP account?

Students with Individual Accounts Click the View Students button on the right. Click the pencil icon under Edit, next to the student’s username. Write in a new password, then retype the password, and click Save. This will unlock the student’s account so they can log in again.

What is the code for BrainPOP?

We now have an educator code to use on BrainPop. Saeger’s code is: FBCM1184.

Can students access BrainPOP?

Students can use their accounts to join their classes and get access to BrainPOP. Students can join multiple classes with the same account.

How do I delete my BrainPOP account as a student?

Deleting Student Accounts

  1. Log in to your admin account and click Admin Dashboard.
  2. From the Admin Dashboard, click Students.
  3. Check the box next to the student’s name for the account you wish to delete.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. After the prompt that follows, confirm by clicking Delete Student.

Can I get BrainPOP for free?

Try BrainPOP Free Sign up for our Free Stuff and gain access to a curated selection of movies, quizzes, interactive concept maps, learning games, and more! Fill out the form so that we can provide you with an experience tailored to your needs. Look out for an email containing your access key. Keep it handy!

Can you cancel BrainPOP at any time?

If you subscribed to a BrainPOP website with a credit card, you can cancel the automatic renewal of your plan at any time by choosing Manage Subscription in the footer.

How do I get a BrainPOP class code?

Here’s how to create your own classes in BrainPOP with Class Codes:

  1. Log in to your individual teacher account.
  2. Click Dashboard at the top of the screen.
  3. Click New Class.
  4. Create a class name. A Class Code will be automatically generated for you.
  5. Click Create Class.

How do you make a free BrainPOP account?

1) Go to and click on the Enter Code button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 2) Enter the Class Code. should sign in using their existing username. If a student does not yet have a username, click Sign Up Now!

Can students use BrainPOP at home?

BrainPOP works on all devices, making it easy for both teachers and students to use from the comfort of their homes.

How do students log in to BrainPOP Jr?

Students click Enter Code at the top of the screen. Students enter the class code and click Submit. For students creating individual student accounts for the first time, click Create Account and complete the form. Students who have individual student accounts enter their personal username and password and click Log In.

Can I reset a quiz in BrainPOP?

If a teacher has assigned a feature like a movie, quiz, or Challenge to a student, the student’s results are submitted automatically when the student completes the feature. If a student needs to redo any part of an assignment, the teacher can re-assign that feature to the student.

Can a student retake a BrainPOP quiz?

Can I reassign an assignment for a student to retake it? If you’d like a student or students to repeat an assignment, we recommend duplicating the assignment and assigning it to the specific student or students.

Is BrainPop free?

BrainPop is available by subscription but has some free content, including a movie of the day, several free movies from each topic area, educators materials, including lesson plans, and an extensive library of educational games called GameUp.

What is BrainPop Jr?

BrainPOP Jr. is a web-based educational service geared towards children between kindergarten and third grade, and offers curriculum-based learning in the form of interactive lessons in-line with state educational standards. In-depth video lessons can help with homework and cover a range of subjects including Science, Reading and Writing,…

When was BrainPop created?

Founded in 1999, the BrainPop websites display animated, curriculum-based content that supports educators and are intended to be fun and motivational for students to watch.