How do I know if my Lalique is real?

How do I know if my Lalique is real?

Generally, all authentic pre-1945 Lalique markings are very small, rarely over 1/8″ high. The lettering style is very plain with all letters being the same width and no decorative flourishes at the end of the letters. Marks on genuine pieces appear in inconspicuous places like bottom rims or worked into the design.

How much does a Lalique vase cost?

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Is Lalique always signed?

Rene Lalique, being one of the most successful French glass makers of all time, started producing glass in 1905 until his death in 1945. Pieces made from 1905 to 1945 will bear an “R” and will most commonly be signed “R. Lalique, France”.

Is Lalique a luxury brand?


Type Privately held company
Industry Glass art Decorative arts Luxury goods
Founded 1888 in Paris, France
Founder René Lalique
Owner Art & Fragrance

Are all Lalique vases signed?

Is Lalique ever unsigned?

Lalique mark. It appears that architectural items, especially parts of larger installations can be unsigned with some regularity (considering how irregularly these types of pieces appear that is :). And an apparently authentic (and original) piece appears without a signature from time to time.

When did Rene Lalique start making glass vases?

By 1905, Lalique had begun creating works in glass, and his style began to shift to a cleaner, sharper, smoother, more modern approach suited to his new medium. His Paris shop’s proximity to perfumer François Coty’s led him to experiment with beautiful perfume bottles.

When did Rene Lalique make his perfume bottle?

Rene Lalique “Elegance” perfume bottle made in 1923 for D’Orsay in molded clear glass with sepia patina. The bottle comes with its original box and its original label. Molded “R.L… Rene Lalique “Relief” perfume bottle with label made in 1924 for Forvil in molded clear glass. Molded signature on bottom.

What kind of materials did Rene Lalique use?

His work employed now-classic Art Nouveau themes and motifs: flowing, organic lines; forms based on animals, insects and flowers — all rendered in luxurious materials such as ivory, enamel, gold and semi-precious stones.

When did Rene Lalique open his first jewelry shop?

He designed decorative fixtures and lighting for the interior of the luxury liner Normandie in 1935, and decorated the salons of well-known fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet. Today, Lalique’s influence is as relevant as it was when he opened his first jewelry shop in 1890.