How do I find my Veritas version?

How do I find my Veritas version?

To find the version number in the Storage Foundation 4.0 for Windows interface, perform the following:

  1. Click Start | Programs | VERITAS | VERITAS Enterprise Administrator.
  2. Connect to the desired server.
  3. Click Help | About.
  4. Check the Storage Foundation version numbers (Figure 2)

How do I check my Veritas disk group version?

  1. To determine the version of disk group use the vxdg list command as follows:
  2. Example to determine the disk group version on PRODdg:
  3. # vxdg -T diskgroup_version upgrade
  4. # vxdg upgrade
  5. To check file system layout:
  6. The vxupgrade command does not upgrade previous disk layouts directly to Version 7.

What is Veritas Volume Manager in Linux?

VeritasTM Volume Manager (VxVM) by Symantec is a storage management subsystem that allows you to manage physical disks as logical devices called volumes. A VxVM volume appears to applications and the operating system as a physical disk on which file systems, databases and other managed data objects can be configured.

How do I upgrade Veritas Volume Manager?

This section explains how to upgrade VxVM….Upgrading VxVM using the product installer

  1. Run installvm to load the packages.
  2. Do a reboot.
  3. Run installvm to configure the 5.0 items. Note If you are performing a multihost installation, note that the installvm script does not support a mixture of new installations and upgrades.

What is the latest version of NetBackup?

Note: The current version of NetBackup is 8.2.

How do I upgrade Veritas File System?

To upgrade the file system disk layout version, you must first mount the file system and then upgrade it using the vxupgrade. Alternatively, this can also be done using the vxfsconvert utility. Upgrades an existing VxFS file system to a supported disk layout version while the file system remains online.

What’s New in Veritas NetBackup?

New architecture deployment – Deploy NetBackup in an automated, hyperconverged, scale-out form factor, NetBackup Flex Scale. Supercharged OpenStack protection – Delivering cloud-native, API-driven, dynamic and automated protection ​with rapid, granular recovery from edge to core to cloud.

What is Openv?

The /usr/openv/netbackup/hardlink_info directory is used on each client to facilitate the restarting of incomplete checkpoint backups. NOTE 2: If a job is not restarted but the backup is run to a good completion code, the file will not be removed, even if a different job runs successfully afterwards.