How do I find my FAA FTN number?

How do I find my FAA FTN number?

Beginning January 13, 2020, all applicants must establish an FAA Tracking Number (FTN) within IACRA before taking any FAA airman knowledge test. This identification number will be printed on the applicant’s Airman Knowledge Test Report (AKTR) in replacement of the Applicant ID number.

What is an airman certificate number?

What is my Airman Certificate number? When you set up your IACRA account, you’ll be asked to provide an Airmen Certificate number. You don’t have an Airmen Certificate number yet — it’s created during your application approval process.

How do I create an Iacra account?

On the IACRA User Profile Information page, please enter all the information.

  1. If you don’t have an existing certificate, leave that section blank.
  2. Use your full legal name, including any suffix.
  3. Please enter a valid email address.
  4. Create a user name and strong password.
  5. Click Register.

How do I print my student pilot certificate?

How can I print my temporary student pilot certificate? Once you have been vetted, you will receive an email to inform you that your temporary student pilot certificate is ready to print. All you have to do is log into IACRA and print the certificate from your Application Console.

How do I get FAA inspection authorization?

You will need to present a filled out FAA Form 8610-1, Mechanic’s Application for Inspection Authorization and provide proof of identification. During the meeting, the ASI will interview you in order to verify that you meet the requirements for the authorization.

What does FAA stand for?

We’re responsible for the safety of civil aviation. The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 created the agency under the name Federal Aviation Agency. We adopted our present name in 1967 when we became a part of the Department of Transportation. Our major roles include: Regulating civil aviation to promote safety.

How do I check my FAA medical?

To confirm the status of your medical certificate and/or the date of issue of your airman certificate call Airmen Certification toll free at 866-878-2498 or visit Airmen Inquiry.

What is FTN number?

“FTN” means Free Tax Number issued by the Board to persons who are otherwise exempt from. holding National Tax Number (NTN) for the purposes of identification; (viii)

How do you get an FAA tracking number?

How to Obtain an FAA Tracking Number (FTN)

  1. Visit the FAA’s IACRA website and click “Register” to create a new account.
  2. Select “Applicant” on the next page.
  3. Skip the “Certificate Information” section on the next page.

What do I do if I lost my student pilot certificate?

There are two ways to replace an airmen certificate.

  1. You can request a replacement certificate online. This method requires that you register with Online Services.
  2. Or you can mail us: an Application for Replacement of Lost, Destroyed, or Paper Airman Certificate form. or a signed, written request stating your: name.

Do student pilot certificates expire?

After April 1, 2016, Student pilot certificates do not expire; the certificate will be surrendered and superseded upon successful completion of the higher certification.