How do I create a matrix in Stata?

How do I create a matrix in Stata?

matrix C=A*s or matrix C=s*A, A: a × b and s a Stata scalar (see [P] scalar) or a literal number, returns C: a×b containing the elements of A each multiplied by s. The row and column names of C are obtained from A. For example, matrix VC=MYMAT*2.5 multiplies each element of MYMAT by 2.5 and stores the result in VC.

What is a matrix in Stata?

To Stata, a matrix is a named entity containing an r ×c rectangular array of double-precision numbers (including missing values) that is bordered by a row and a column of names. For the dimensions of a matrix, see [R] Limits.

What is Svmat Stata?

svmat takes a matrix and stores its columns as new variables. It is the reverse of the mkmat command, which creates a matrix from existing variables. matname renames the rows and columns of a matrix.

How many matrices can Stata store?

Stata limits matrices to no more than matsize × matsize, which means a maximum of 800 × 800 for Stata/IC and 11,000 × 11,000 for Stata/SE and Stata/MP. By limiting Stata’s matrix capabilities to matsize × matsize, has not Stata’s matrix language itself been limited to datasets no larger than matsize?

What does clear mean in Stata?

erase the previous dataset
“clear” tells Stata to erase the previous dataset.

What is conformability error Stata?

In general “conformability error” in Stata indicates that two matrices are being operated on (e.g., added, multiplied) and the shapes of the two matrices do not meet the requirements of the operation. For example, A + B where A has 3 rows and 6 columns and B has 3 rows and 7 columns.

What is Matsize Stata?

Description. set matsize sets the maximum number of variables that can be included in any of Stata’s estimation commands. For Stata/MP and Stata/SE, the default value is 400, but it may be changed upward or downward. The upper limit is 11,000.

What is a vector in Stata?

Vectors contain the same data as Stata variables. Vectors have the same names as the corresponding variables. Example: putmata mpg weight displ Creates a vector in Mata for each variable specified. Vectors have the same names as the corre- sponding variables.

Can you undo in Stata?

It’s also very difficult to recover from mistakes—there’s no “undo” command in Stata. A do file contains the same commands you’d type in interactive Stata, but since they’re written in a permanent file they can be debugged or modified and then rerun at will.

How do you set a maximum variable in Stata?

1. The maximum number of variables in your dataset is limited to maxvar. The default value of maxvar is 5,000 for Stata/MP and Stata/SE, 2,047 for Stata/IC, and 99 for Small Stata. With Stata/MP and Stata/SE, this default value may be increased by using set maxvar.

What does set more off mean in Stata?

set more on, which is the default, tells Stata to wait until you press a key before continuing when a more message is displayed. set more off tells Stata not to pause or display the more message.

How to do a matrix definition in Stata?

Stata’s definition of a matrix includes a few details that go beyond the mathematics. To Stata, amatrix is a named entity containing anr(0< ratsize, 0< c atsize) rectangulararray of double-precision numbers (including missing values) that is bordered by a row and a columnof names.. matrix list A A[3,2] c1 c2

How to display elements of a matrix Statalist?

However, there is an alternative way of doing that (instead of generating a new matrix), using el () function as suggested William Lisowski in this post. This is more elegant if you want to display b (1,1) to store it in a local afterward. Here you can store it before (without) displaying it.

How to calculate matrix operations in Stata-Phil Ender?

Diagonal Matrix mat S = (2,1,4\\3,2,2\\-2,2,3) mat lis SS[3,3] c1 c2 c3 r1 2 1 4 r2 3 2 2 r3 -2 2 3 mat D = diag(vecdiag(S)) mat lis Dsymmetric D[3,3] c1 c2 c3 c1 2 c2 0 2 c3 0 0 3 mat V = (3,1,2) mat D = diag(V) mat lis Dsymmetric D[3,3] c1 c2 c3 c1 3 c2 0 1 c3 0 0 2 Identity Matrix

How to do vertical concatenation in Stata Phil Ender?

Vertical Concatenation (Appending) mat C = A\\B mat lis CC[6,2] c1 c2 r1 2 1 r2 3 2 r3 -2 2 r1 1 1 r2 3 4 r3 2 2 Matrix Subsetting