How do I contact Safexpress?

How do I contact Safexpress?

  1. Business Query.
  2. Pickup Request.
  3. Toll Free: 1800113113.

How long does Safexpress take to deliver?

While doing the courier they said it will be delivered in 3-4 days and we can expect it by 31/08 or 01/09.

How do I track my Safexpress delivery?

Safexpress Customer Service: If you have any question regarding the delivery process of a package, call: +91 1800 113 113. Courier Companys automatically assigns a tracking number to your shipment. Tracking numbers are numbers given to packages when they are shipped.

What are the charges of Safexpress?

Safextension charge 1500 per Waybill (if applicable) Consignors should go through and follow our Printed Packing Guidelines. Maximum Liability: In case any package is lost in transit, Safexpress will offer compensation of depreciated cost of lost material or 5000 whichever is lower.

What do you know about safexpress?

Safexpress – About Us. Safexpress began its journey in 1997 with a mission of delivering logistics excellence to its customers and ensuring their success. Today, the firm has firmly entrenched itself as the ‘Knowledge Leader’ and ‘Market Leader’ of supply chain & logistics industry in India.

How much time does a courier take?

At the local level, the delivery by speed post is 98% compared to 93% by courier services. While the time taken by speed post is 1-11 days at local level, it is 1-12 days in case of private couriers.

How do you ask for lead time?

The most direct wording would be, “How long does it take to deliver this product?”, or “What is the delivery time for this product?” The sentence you give is close. You could say, “How much time does it take to deliver the product?” You can’t say “how much time it takes”.

What is waybill number?

A waybill is another name for “tracking number.” Every carrier we work with has a different type of tracking number that are usually made up of different combinations of letters and numbers. Each carrier’s tracking number template are different lengths than each other.

Which is the cheapest parcel service in India?

Top 10 Cheapest Courier Services For eCommerce Shipping in India

  • FedEx.
  • DTDC.
  • ECOM Express.
  • Blue Dart.
  • Delhivery.
  • DHL.
  • India Post.
  • First Flight Couriers.

What is the turnover of safexpress?

Safexpress Private Limited’s operating revenues range is Over INR 500 cr for the financial year ending on 31 March, 2020. It’s EBITDA has increased by 14.07 % over the previous year. At the same time, it’s book networth has increased by 13.63 %.

What is Bikexpress?

Gati’s BIKE EXPRESS is a specialized service to transport two-wheelers across the length & breadth of the country -safely, quickly, reliably. …