How do I change the camera in iRacing?

How do I change the camera in iRacing?

ctrl-f12 – Toggle camera tool on/off.

How do I take pictures in iRacing?

Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S is the default iRacing screenshot.

How do I admin on iRacing?

Session admin commands must be entered in the simulator text chat window while the sim is loaded.

  1. In order for any session administrator command to be executed, the command must be followed by pressing the enter key.
  2. Commands can be used in short form or long.

How do you chat on iRacing?


  1. / [num] – Whisper or Selective Chat.
  2. /r [message] – Respond to last Private Message.
  3. Not Assigned – Push to Talk.
  4. Not Assigned – Louder.
  5. Not Assigned – Quieter.
  6. Not Assigned – Mute.

How do I move my seats back in iRacing?

Control + f12 should bring it up. Then you alter your seating position using the X, y and z values. Obviously make sure you’re in the cockpit view when doing this.

What does R and G mean in iRacing?

R Letter = CPU usage for rendering thread (smallest sequence of programmed instructions that can be managed independently). G Letter = GPU usage. L Letter = latency (delay) of your connection for data transmitted between your PC and the iRacing servers.

How do I move boxes in iRacing?

Move the black boxes and virtual mirror in the iRacing Simulation. Press Alt+K. Drag the items you want to move with your mouse. Some items may only be moveable by dragging their borders.

How do you throw a yellow in iRacing?

In order for any session administrator command to be executed, the command must be followed by pressing the enter key….Session Admin Chat Commands Print.

General Commands
!yellow [] – Throw a yellow if not already active
!waveby [] – Move car up to next lap and send to the end of the pace line

Where is the camera tool in iRacing simulator?

This is a brief introduction to the new camera tool built into the iRacing simulator. You can enter the camera tool when in replay mode by hitting Ctrl-F12 at any time, hitting escape will exit the tool. Here is a screenshot of the tool in action.

Is there a way to change the FOV on iRacing?

Once you’re done, return to the pits. iRacing’s replay feature has adjustable camera position settings. When you adjust the onboard camera it also changes your view, without modifying your FOV setting. Now open your camera controls.

How does iRacing work on a car camera?

Static – Static aiming aims the camera in a fixed direction using the orient vector. This vector is made up of Yaw (side to side), pitch (up and down), and Role (rotation). On car cameras set this orientation relative to the car frame.

How to set limit shot in iRacing camera document?

This car will be our marker, used to set the start/end points of our shot. Set the replay to a point where the camera you are interested in becomes active, or select your camera directly from the group tab, by double clicking on it. Select limit shot to range, and hit the setstart button.