How do I change the basemap coordinate system?

How do I change the basemap coordinate system?

Go to the View menu > Data Frame Properties > Coordinate System and change the coordinate system back to the correct spatial reference. If working with the same basemap layer frequently, the basemap layer can be saved as a layer file.

How do I create a basemap in ArcGIS online?

Create and share basemaps

  1. Click Add > Add Layer from Web.
  2. Choose either An ArcGIS Server Web Service, A WMS OGC Web Service, or A WMTS OGC Web Service from the drop-down list.
  3. Type or paste the URL for the map service in the URL field.
  4. Check Use as Basemap.
  5. Click Add Layer.

How do you add a basemap?

Add a new basemap layer to your map. Right-click the data frame name in the table of contents and click New Basemap Layer. This adds a new basemap layer in your table of contents. The basemap layer behaves much like a group layer in that you can drag content into it.

What is a basemap in GIS?

Basemaps serve as a reference map on which you overlay data from layers and visualize geographic information. An individual basemap can be made of multiple feature, raster, or web layers. They are the foundation for your maps and provide context for your work. A 3D view of the Streets basemap over Athens, Greece.

How do you fix a Coordinate System in ArcGIS?

Change a Coordinate System in a Map Layer

  1. Open ArcToolbox.
  2. Open Data Management Tools → Projections and Transformations → Feature → Project.
  3. Choose the Projected Coordinate System folder or the Geographic Coodinate System folder, depending upon the Coordinate Systems of your other files and how you want to match them.

Can I use ArcGIS for free?

Can I use ArcGIS Online free? Yes, if it is for noncommercial use. With a free public account, you can create, store, and manage maps, scenes, and apps, and share them with others. You also get access to content shared by Esri and GIS users around the world.