How can you tell Teco pottery?

How can you tell Teco pottery?

Teco Pottery was generally marked with a stamped, elongated “T” with the letters “ECO” aligned vertically under the right side of the “T”. Later examples were stamped “TECO” within a rectangle.

Where is Teco Pottery made?

The story of Teco dates back to 1881, when William Gates founded the American Terra Cotta Tile & Ceramic Co. in Terra Cotta, Illinois, not far from Chicago. The company produced terra-cotta bricks, drain tiles and pottery and was the country’s first manufacturer of architectural terra-cotta.

What is Teco art?

The production consisted of drain tile, brick, chimney tops, finials, urns, and other economically fireproof building materials. Gates used the facilities to experiment with clays and glazes in an effort to design a line of art pottery which led to the introduction of Teco (pronounced TĒĒ – CŌ ) Pottery.

Is Teco pottery always marked?

Many Teco vases were stamped at least once with the Teco trademark and it is not unusual to find vases double and even triple stamped. Teco was also routinely marked with the shape number in addition to the trademark.

Is all Teco pottery marked?

How can you tell if McCoy pottery is real?

Look for details! McCoy Pottery is known for their attention to the little things, be it vibrant paint colors or the generous glazing. They also make their pieces very detailed. If a piece looks overly simplistic, or features thin paintwork, it is probably a fake.

Who was the creator of the Teco pottery?

While most of the 500 shapes created by 1911 were the product of Gates’ efforts, many of the remaining Teco designs were the work of several Chicago architects that were involved in the Prairie School style as expressed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

What kind of glaze does Teco pottery use?

The smooth, micro-crystalline, matte “Teco Green” glaze of Teco Art Pottery was developed independently and wasn’t an attempt to copy the famous Grueby green. The pottery shapes derived from line and color rather than elaborate decoration.

Why do you put a TECO mark on pottery?

When you see the Teco mark on any piece of pottery you can rely upon its artistic merit and intrinsic worth. When you select a piece of Teco Art Pottery for a gift, you know it will be acceptable and prized by the recipient, because the mark TECO is a guarantee of genuine art value, and will be so recognized wherever it is seen.

Why was the Indianapolis branch of Teco Pottery closed?

Nearing the end of his life, William D. Gates constructed a residence just north of Crystal Lake, Illinois named “Trail’s End” symbolizing his decreasing involvement in the company. In October 1929, the Indianapolis branch closed due to the stock market crash.