How can we improve agricultural sector?

How can we improve agricultural sector?

Here are three ways PPPs could do that:Investing in smarter value chains. PPPs could help spur the development of the food processing industry, one of the newest sectors in Indian agriculture. Improving access to credit, technology and markets. Building farmer resilience to environmental shocks.

What is agriculture research and development?

Agricultural research and development encompasses an extremely broad range of activities and potential innovations. First, higher yield seeds allow production of larger quantities of agricultural output at a lower cost, bolstering the income of farmers.

In what ways is research important in agriculture?

In agriculture, scientists actively seek to discover procedures that will increase livestock and crop yields, improve farmland pro- ductivity, reduce loss due to disease and insects, develop more effi- cient equipment, and increase overall food quality.

What are the types of agricultural research?

To date, agricultural research has passed through four broad paradigms (Table 32.1). These paradigms are (i) agricultural research; (ii) agricultural research and development; (iii) agricultural research for development; and (iv) agricultural research for sustainability.

What are the 4 types of agriculture?

The following are the different types of agricultural activities worldwide:Shifting Cultivation. Nomadic Herding. Livestock Ranching/Pastoral Farming. Commercial Plantations. Mixed Farming. Specialized Horticulture. Subsistence Farming. Intensive Subsistence Farming with/without Rice as a Dominant Crops.

What is basic research method?

Basic research, also called pure research or fundamental research, is a type of scientific research with the aim of improving scientific theories for better understanding and prediction of natural or other phenomena. The two aims are often practiced simultaneously in coordinated research and development.

What are the best research tools?

For those diligent researchers out there, we want to make things a bit easier for you, so here are five essential tools for researchers.Google Scholar. Let’s start with a big one: Google Scholar. Trello. Mendeley. Scrivener. Scanmarker.