How can I get play wild Beta?

How can I get play wild Beta?

Requesting a Beta Invite to Play Wild You would receive the game through email, since the beta testing feature was not yet available on Google Play Store at the time. Beta testers were given access to the Buddies and Gems feature. They also received 50 Sapphires as a gift, so they would be able to purchase a few items.

What is beta on Animal Jam play wild?

Beta Testing Gems are the first and the main currency in Play Wild. Each Jammers received 2,500 Gems when signed-in. They can be earned from playing minigames or recycling items. In the Beta Testing, they could be spent on clothing, furniture, wallpaper or flooring.

How do you get rares?

Every Jammer enjoys having a Rare, or multiple Rares….Luckily, there are a few methods that you can use to get more Rares in Animal Jam.

  1. Trading Rare Items.
  2. Mondays are Important.
  3. Collect Adventure Items.
  4. Play Return of the Phantoms.
  5. Pick up Items on Clearance.

When did AJ beta end?

Let’s first start off with the OG, Animal Jam Classic! Animal Jam Classic is a 2D game that can only be played on PC or browser via flash (until the end of 2020). Animal Jam Classic was released for beta in late 2010, and the beta stage then ended in 2011.

Where are the beta squad from?

Beta Squad is a group based in London, England. Their videos are Challenges, which they do series such as “Who can “, “$10 vs $10,000” and “Last to” videos. Their most viewed video is “We Pretended To Work At The Grocery Store (Fake Employee Prank)” which has gotten more than 3 million views.

When was AJ Wild made?

September 9, 2010
Animal Jam/Initial release dates

What does beta mean in Ajpw?

According to AJHQ, Betas are items released during the Beta Testing, which ended on May 13, 2015. They are commonly mistaken with rare, valuable, and wanted items. An example of a commonly mistaken “beta” are Rare Forest Gauntlets.

When did the Animal Jam Play Wild Beta end?

On this date, the CEO of WildWorks, which is the developer of the app, posted a tweet stating that players can now sign up for the Animal Jam app. On May 8, 2015, the Animal Jam Support twitter account tweeted that the Play Wild Beta stage was coming to an end, and that they would no longer be sending out any invites.

What do you get in the beta for AJPW?

Beta testers were given access to the Buddies and Gems feature. They also received 50 Sapphires as a gift, so they would be able to purchase a few items. The purpose of the beta testing stage was to see if there were any bugs in the game.

When did the beta start for play Wild?

Today, we are going to take a look at the Beta Testing phase of Play Wild, and see what the game looked like at the time. Play Wild Beta, or Beta Testing, is considered the very beginning of Play Wild. It started on December 18, 2014.

What’s the difference between online AJ and wild?

Your vision is altered accordingly with where you are, unlike online AJ with everything being one unmoving room. Like in the clothing shop, there are items stacked and splayed almost randomly, all of which you can buy individually. But there is a den item catalog. A literal catalog you click: This is one of my favorite rooms so far.