Does window security film really work?

Does window security film really work?

The glass will still break and shatter. Security film for windows works similar to automotive windshield glass. The windshield’s lamination keeps the glass from shattering upon impact, just like a rock that hits your windshield may cause a hole or chip, but the overall glass piece remains intact.

Does window film prevent break ins?

The simple answer is, yes window film may help prevent a break-in. Thus, when a window does not easily shatter, it might prove just enough of a deterrent to scare off an amateur or smash-and-grab style burglar. There are several window films that are specifically designed to prevent break-ins.

What is safety glass film?

Safety and security window films are polyester, or PET films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered (similar to laminated glass).

How do I protect my windows from burglars?

How to Secure Your Windows from Burglars

  1. Lock windows. The first and easiest step is to make sure that your windows are closed and locked whenever you leave your home.
  2. Reinforce glass.
  3. Install window security bars or grills.
  4. Install window alarms.
  5. Secure air conditioners.

Can a window shatter on its own?

Improper installation – Sometimes windows will shatter all on their own. Don’t worry. If a window suddenly breaks without warning, it is probably because at some point during the installation, the edges were chipped and caused the glass to sit improperly within the frame.

How do you stop glass from shattering?

The window film is designed to prevent the glass from shattering and causing further damage or injury. Mirror safety film is an adhesive film designed to be applied to the back of mirrors to make them shatter proof. Ideal for gyms, dance studios and hotels with large mirrors.

How safe is security glass?

Riot Glass laminated security glass is 100x stiffer and 5x stronger than traditional interlayer safety glass and is proven to delay forced entry by at least 4 minutes or completely deny entry. This type of glass won’t stop bullets, but it can withstand multiple ballistic impacts and help with bomb blast mitigation.

What does security film do to a window?

Security window film physically reinforces glass panes to keep any glass fragments from falling to the floor from a broken window. Some security film also has tinting for added privacy and graffiti protection. These films stick to windows using an adhesive.

Where does burglargard Glass protection film come from?

Applied directly to the interior side of the windowpane, BurglarGARD glass protection film works like an invisible coat of armor, strengthening the weakest security link– your glass.

Which is better window security film or laminated glass?

Window security film is less expensive than replacing your building’s windows with laminated security glass. If you have glass in your building that is already laminated, adding a thick security film will give your windows the greatest amount of protection outside of bullet-resistant glass.

Can a criminal penetrate a glass protection film?

While a criminal may muster enough force to shatter the glass surface, it will require repeated (and attention getting) blows to penetrate the virtually indestructible film. Our glass protection film kits are now shipped directly to the end-user complete with installation instructions and all necessary installation tools.