Does it cost to get into Cacapon State Park?

Does it cost to get into Cacapon State Park?

Cacapon State Park Cost is $5 adults; $4 children under 12. Payment is CASH ONLY.

Is Cacapon Lodge open?

Justice announces new lodge at Cacapon Resort State Park now open. As part of the expansion project, existing facilities at Cacapon Resort also received major upgrades, including remodeling each existing guest room, creating new conference space, renovating the lobby, and upgrading utility and electrical equipment. …

Are there bears in Cacapon State Park?

Cacapon State Park There are bear that will pass through once in a while. Bear sightings are concentrated on top of Cacapon Mountain and more toward the Batt shelter.

What can you do at Cacapon State Park?

  • Biking. Test your bike against challenging single-track paths.
  • Camping. Cacapon does not offer camping in the park, but you’re never far from a campground in West Virginia.
  • Fishing. Cacapon Resort State Park has two small lakes for fishing.
  • Geocaching.
  • Golf.
  • Hiking.
  • Horseback Riding.
  • Hunting.

Are there bears in Berkeley Springs WV?

A sizeable black bear ambled through downtown Berkeley Springs on Saturday afternoon, July 6, and drew lots of attention as it crossed U.S. 522 at the Star Theatre and headed toward Mercer Street. Cpl. The bear has been seen near The Country Inn and Mercer Street.

What time does Cacapon beach open?

Summer beach hours are 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The beach is closed on Mondays except on holidays.

Are there bears in Blackwater Falls?

Bears!! Blackwater Falls, West Virginia. Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia, has bears everywhere. Every gift shop—from the Trading Post to the Lodge to Park Road Gallery Gifts—includes bears.

What is the meaning of Cacapon?

medicine waters
Cacapon (locally /kəˈkeɪpən/ kə-KAY-pən) is a term of Native American origin that means “medicine waters.”

What is the bear population in WV?

Today, West Virginia’s black bear population is over 10,000 and is rapidly expanding westward. Hunters have now harvested bears in nearly every one of West Virginia’s 55 counties. As the statewide bear population grows, Carpenter says education is key to living harmoniously with our bruin brethren.

Where is the Cacapon Lodge in West Virginia?

The newest lodge in the West Virginia State Parks system, Cacapon Resort’s 124-room luxury lodge sits at the foot of Cacapon Mountain. With indoor and outdoor dining, a spa and a view of the park’s golf course, it is the perfect place for adventurers to wind down.

How did Cacapon resort state park get its name?

The park provides lake activities and hiking opportunities, vacation cabins, golfing, and restaurants in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle. The word Cacapon is a derivative of a Shawnee Indian word meaning “medicine waters,” a reference to the area’s mineral waters that have been renowned throughout history for their healing powers.

Where is Cacapon resort State Park in Maryland?

Located in the Eastern Panhandle, Cacapon Resort State Park is a popular vacation destination for commuters looking to get away from the busy Washington, D.C.-Baltimore metro area. A new, four-lane highway, called the Berkeley Springs Bypass, will improve traffic flow for travelers to both Cacapon and nearby Berkeley Springs State Park.

What kind of cabins are at Cacapon resort?

With four types of cabins to choose from, you can customize your cozy retreat at Cacapon Resort State Park. Experience the comforts of your home away from home in one of the park’s classic or vacation cabins. Or get some much-needed rest and relaxation in a lovely wooded area by staying in a legacy or economy cabin.