Do you have to have Internet for Clear TV to work?

Do you have to have Internet for Clear TV to work?

Since these are aired on major networks, Clear TV can help. But if you also like to watch cable-only channels like HBO, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, etc., Clear TV will not provide access. For this, you’ll need a cable subscription through companies like Uverse, Charter, Comcast, COX, etc.

Why is my Clear TV antenna not working?

A lot of things can cause poor reception, from settings on your TV to the position of the antenna. Usually, one of three things is happening: you forgot to scan for channels, your antenna is poorly positioned, or you just don’t have the right antenna.

What channels does clear TV give you?

Get a full list of networks for free, including NBC HD, PBS, Fox HD, The CW, My TV, CBS HD, ABC HD and Univision. The Clear TV technology allows one to get crystal clear HD broadcasts that the whole family will enjoy….Specifications.

Brand As Seen on TV
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.00 x 8.00 x 9.25 Inches

How many channels does clear TV pick up?

The range of 35 miles is about the same as most of the other best HDTV antennas, but the real advantage of the Clear TV is that it gives you 55 channels while most other antennas can only pick up 10 to 20 channels. Furthermore, it is just 3 inches in size or a little larger with the ears extended.

Does Clear TV key really work?

It works as described, but not as good as hoped – great access to many channels. We probably were able to pick up a couple more channels, but that is all. A better choice is to get the another antenna that I already have on another television.

What is the range of Clear TV?

up to 35 miles
The Clear TV antenna has a range of up to 35 miles, which is more than enough to pick up most popular television channels as long as you do not live in an extremely rural area.

Is the picture clear on clear TV x-72?

The picture is clear and reception is no worse than when the weather is bad with our dish. Can only tell you if you live out in the boonies you will probably not get cable quality/quantity. Only wish the seller would have packaged it without a rubber band from someone’s hair.

Where does cleartv x-72 HDTV antenna come from?

It is distributed through some suspicious new jersey company. and the item as usual is made in china. It does not work in some locations as ADVERTISED!. Not worth the money or the hassle.

What’s the best way to get clear TV reception?

Here are some key tips for getting clear TV antenna reception: Get some altitude! For indoor antennas, place them high on the walls or windows. For outdoor antennas, try the roof – the peak is better than the side. Aim for the signal!

How to set up a clear TV antenna?

Enjoy uncompressed HD signal that’s better than what your satellite or cable service can provide in your local area. Easy to set up- just plug it in! No contracts, no monthly fees.