Did QuicKutz go out of business?

Did QuicKutz go out of business?

Both the QuicKutz and L brands will become part of Lifestyle Crafts under the terms of the asset purchase agreement. “We’re thrilled to acquire these established brands, which have a rich history in providing the crafting market with fun and innovative products.

How does cutting die?

Die cutting is the general process of using a die to shear webs of low-strength materials, such as rubber, fibre, foil, cloth, paper, corrugated fibreboard, chipboard, paperboard, plastics, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam, and sheet metal. Die cutting can be done on either flatbed or rotary presses.

Can you do die cutting without a machine?

Are Die Cutting Machines Necessary for Making Die Cuts? The truth is you are able to use die cuts without a machine and the aid of any difficult mechanics. Die should be put onto the surface with a piece of material on top and the rolling pin should be firmly applied but not so much so that the weak material rips.

How do metal cutting dies work?

How does die cutting work? For manual die cutting machines, a piece of paper is placed on the platform of the machine. As the platform goes through the machine, uniform pressure is placed on the mat, pressing the metal die into the paper. The sharp edges of the die cut the paper, creating the desired shape.

What are dies in crafting?

In a nutshell, your die cutting machine is the device used to cut your chosen shapes out of paper, vellum and other compatible materials.

How are metal dies made?

Die forming Forming operations work by deforming materials like sheet metal or plastic using force (compression, tension, or both) and rely on the material’s mechanical properties. Forming dies are typically made by tool and die makers and put into production after mounting into a press.

Can you emboss with cutting dies?

Embossing with the thick die cuts is simple. Between your die cutting machine plates, I position a few pieces of cardstock shim, an embossing mat (you can also try felt), cardstock and thick die cuts. The thick die cuts press into the paper… leaving a lovely impression.

What are the different silhouette blades?

There are currently five blades available to use with your Silhouette: the Ratchet Blade, the Premium Blade, the Deep-cut Blade, the Fabric blade, and the AutoBlade. Each blade is standard size, meaning that you can (mostly) use the same blade in your Curio as you do in your Portrait or Cameo.