Can you island hop from Krabi?

Can you island hop from Krabi?

The region of Krabi offers countless islands, which are great for island hopping. From big islands where you can stay overnight and spend some time like Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi, to small islands for a great Krabi island hopping day trip.

What islands can you visit from Krabi?

7 Must-Visit Islands Near Krabi

  • James Bond Island.
  • Hong Island.
  • Phi Phi Island.
  • Lanta Island.
  • Rok Island.
  • Krabi’s four Islands.
  • Lipe Islands.

How much is the 4 island tour in Krabi?

Boat Type Price
4 Island by Speed Boat 08.30 AM-04.00 PM 1100 THB 800 THB
4 Island Sunset By Speed Boat (Join) 12.30 PM-07.00 PM 1500 THB 1000 THB
4 Island Tour Private Speed Boat (1-8 people) 14,000 THB
4 Island Sunset Tour Private Speed Boat (1-8 people) 14,000 THB

Where can I go island hopping?

If you’re itching for some time out on the water, look no further than our top 5 places to island hop.

  • Fiji. Towering tropical palms, kaleidoscopic reefs and stunning secluded islands are what you can expect to find hopping around the islands of Fiji.
  • Bali.
  • Thailand.
  • Hawaii.
  • The Cook Islands.

How long is flight from Krabi to Bangkok?

Flight time from Krabi to Bangkok is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Where do I go after Krabi?

10 Islands near Krabi Perfect for Island Hopping

  • Koh Phi Phi Popular. The darling of young backpackers across the world, Koh Phi Phi is a stunningly beautiful island.
  • Koh Lanta Recommended.
  • Koh Yao Yai Offbeat.
  • Koh Yao Noi Offbeat.
  • Koh Jum Offbeat.
  • Koh Ngai Offbeat.
  • Koh Muk Offbeat.
  • Koh Poda Offbeat.

Does Krabi have good nightlife?

Krabi nightlife offers vacationers a good choice of entertainment opportunities after dark. Krabi, while not being in the same league as Patong or Bangkok, has its own distinctive nightlife.

Is 3 days enough in Krabi?

Krabi Town often gets overlooked, and for good reason—well, good reason for the town itself, even if you don’t want to spend all 3 days in Krabi Town. Within the parameters of this itinerary, inland Krabi province, on the other hand, is definitely worth a day of your time.

What do you wear to island hopping?

Fresh and versatile dresses are ideal especially for island-hopping and walking along the seashore. A breezy dress, and flip-flops topped with a straw hat make the perfect day-in-the-beach combination. Do not forget to pack pretty jewelry and accessories to dress up your outfit for a nice evening out.

Can you island hop from St Lucia?

The only way currently to get between St. Lucia and St. Vincent is by air hop.

Are there any Krabi islands in Koh Hong?

Koh Hong is actually a series of four connected islands, and you get to head right to the middle of it all to swim in relative seclusion. A turquoise blue lagoon sits serenely amid cliffs and shores just waiting for you to splash and bask in the sun. You can get some Krabi snorkeling in while you’re at it if you like.

Which is the best island to visit in Krabi?

The Phi Phi Islands may be the most famous stop for Krabi Island tours. You’ll visit Maya Beach, which is where Leonardo DiCaprio brooded and adventured in the movie “The Beach.” So if you’ve got a thing for Leo, as most of us do, you have to put Phi Phi on your Krabi island hopping itinerary.

What to do in Phi Phi on Krabi Island?

So if you’ve got a thing for Leo, as most of us do, you have to put Phi Phi on your Krabi island hopping itinerary. And even if you don’t, you’ll still get to spend a day in a few different gorgeous bays, swimming and snorkeling to your heart’s content.