Can you hike the entire Cabot Trail?

Can you hike the entire Cabot Trail?

Not everyone has the time to explore the entire Cabot Trail, so hiking is a popular way to take in some of the highlights. This relatively easy eight-kilometre round-trip hike brings you into the boreal forest, through meadows and up onto a cliff, where you can watch a breathtaking sunset over the Gulf of the St.

How long does it take to hike the Cabot Trail?

It is best to have at least 5-7 days to enjoy all of what the Cabot Trail has to offer. Wind your way along our coast, on one of the world’s most famous drives.

Where do you hike the Cabot Trail?

Top 6 recommended trails in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park

  • Skyline Trail.
  • Franey Trail.
  • Acadian Trail.
  • Fishing Cove Trail.
  • Aspy Trail.
  • Middle Head Trail.

Is Cabot Trail worth it?

Part of the Cabot Trail is National Park and you will have to pay a small entrance fee of $3.80 per person. …

What is the best way to go around the Cabot Trail?

Since most of the views around the cabot trail will be on the water side, for the driver to have the easiest drive and take in the views a clockwise direction make sense. Anticlockwise is also good, so that the pullover spots are on the right side of the road.

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3.5 hours
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How many hikes are there on Cabot Trail?

This Cape Breton squirrel doesn’t care which direction you drive the Cabot Trail There are around 25 hikes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park according to the Parks Canada site, most are easy to moderate and a few rated as difficult.

How to get to the top of Mt Cabot?

Hike on the Bunnell Notch Trail for 0.2 miles and you will come to a junction with the York Pond Trail. Stay right on the Bunnell Notch Trail and hike for 2.8 more miles until you come to a junction with the Kilkenny Ridge Trail. Stay straight for less than 1/10 of a mile and fork right onto the Kilkenny Ridge Trail.

How to get to Mt Cabot from Bog Dam?

From the Unknown Pond parking area near the Berlin Fish Hatchery off Bog Dam Road, you will have to walk on the road for a few minutes to the start of Bunnell Notch Trail on the left side of the road. Hike on the Bunnell Notch Trail for 0.2 miles and you will come to a junction with the York Pond Trail.

Where are the red chairs on the Cabot Trail?

This trail is on a small hill (buttereau) overlooking Cheticamp and Gulf of St Lawrence. Plaques commemorate Acadian homesteads along the trail. You’ll find the red chairs at the summits of several of the Cape Breton Highlands hikes including Broad Cove Mountain, Franey Mountain, and Middle Head Trail.