Can I get loan on my two wheeler?

Can I get loan on my two wheeler?

Bike loans: Nowadays, banks offer loans for both new and used bikes. They will offer a loan amount after verifying the used bike you want to buy. Personal loans: Instead of a bike loan, you can go for a personal loan. The dealer decides your loan eligibility based on your credit score and reports.

What is the EMI for 10 lakhs car loan?

What is a car loan EMI calculator?

Loan amount Loan tenure EMI
Rs.5 lakh 5 years Rs.10,477
Rs.10 lakh 1 year Rs.87,637
Rs.10 lakh 5 years Rs.20,953
Rs.15 lakh 1 year Rs.1,31,456

How much car loan can I get on 50000 salary?

Car Loan Interest Calculator – Impact on EMI So, if you opt for a vehicle loan of ₹ 5 Lakhs at 10% flat rate of interest for a period of 5 years, the EMI will be ₹ 12,500. Here, the total interest per year will be 500,000* (10/100) = 50,000. Thus, total interest in 5 years = 50,000 * 5 = 250,000.

What is the interest rate of two wheeler loan?

FEES & CHARGES. Enclosed below are HDFC Bank Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rates & Charges. Charges to avail a Two Wheeler Loan. Fee. Amount to be paid. Rack Interest Rate. EMI starting from 14.5% basis vehicle segment and customer credit worthiness. Loan Processing Charges. Up to 3% of the loan amount.

How to calculate EMI for two wheeler loan?

Two wheeler loan calculator is a unique repayment calculation tool that helps you find out your EMI in a matter of minutes. It is easy to use. Simply type in your loan parameters and get your EMI and loan amortisation schedule right away. Variable interest rate or fixed interest rate – which is better?

Where can I apply for two wheeler loan?

You can apply for your Two wheeler Loan through our Online Banking services via HDFC Bank Website. What’s more is, if you’re an existing customer, you may be eligible to avail of a Pre-Approved Two Wheeler Loan in 10 seconds!

Can you get a two wheeler loan from Axis Bank?

Depending upon the type of two wheeler you wish to buy you would need to choose among the variants of a two wheeler loan. I.e. For a bike up to 500cc you can apply for a Two Wheeler Loan while if above 500cc you will need to apply for a Superbike loan. What are the interest rates for two wheeler loans?