Can I get free Vodafone Caller Tune?

Can I get free Vodafone Caller Tune?

There are three ways to activate caller tune on your Vodafone number. A Vodafone Subscriber can easily activate the caller tune service with the help of Vodafone Callertunes App or Vodafone ussd service or by dialling the toll-free number.

Which is the Vodafone Caller Tune app?

The company has launched an app that specifically gives caller tunes. The Vi Callertunes app is available for both Android and iPhone users through Apple App Store and Google Play Store. According to Vodafone Idea, the Profile Tunes in Vi Callertunes app lets users set FREE Status Tones to subscribers.

Is VI Callertune free?

Nowadays all telecom companies including Vi, Jio. Airtel etc. are providing free caller tune service to its users. There is no additional charge for this service and users can change it whenever they want.

How can I set any song as caller tune in Vodafone?

Dial *567# and follow the ussd instructions to activate the Vodafone caller tune with the ussd method. With this method, a user can select caller tune from a limited number of songs.

How can I set a caller tune?

Send an SMS with the first 3 words of the song/film/album of your choice to 56789 (toll-free). You will receive an SMS with the list of songs matching to your input along with instructions on how to set the song of your choice as your JioTune.

How can I subscribe to Vodafone Caller Tune?

All you need to do is to just dial *567# (toll free) to activate the caller tune. As soon as this service gets activated, sms the song name to 55655 (toll free) and select the song which you wish to set the caller tune.

How can I get free VI caller tune?

How do I Activate and Deactivate my Caller Tunes

  1. Simply download our new callertune app & also manage your services.
  2. Send a message STOP to 155223 (toll free)
  3. Download our new Caller Tune App & explore a wide of tunes, songs, dialogues & more.

Can I set caller tune from Gaana app?

We had pointed out the possibility of this at the time of the launch*, and now it’s happened: now allows its users to set their Airtel Hello Tunes, their Caller Ringback Tones (CRBT) service. CRBTs allow users to set which songs people calling them will listen to.

How can I set Airtel caller tune without any app?

Dial *678# to activate airtel caller tune with the ussd method. You can choose caller tune from popular listed songs or either you can use the search option to find the song of your wish.

How to set free caller tune on Vodafone?

As we are trying to set free caller tune so go for the free caller tune and missed call alert option. Then you just have to activate it within 24hr. Now download the Vodafone Caller Tune App from PlayStore or if you have it then open and search your favorite song to activate. Here you can play the song or edit it as you want.

How to set free status tones on VI callertunes?

Try Profile Tunes (in Vi Callertunes app) to set FREE Status Tones to subscribers. Tell your callers that you are busy in a meeting or travelling on business or vacation easily and for free. Sync Callertunes with your calendar to automatically set FREE Profile Tunes when you are in a meeting.

Do you have to pay for free caller tune?

These charges if you didn’t claim the free caller tune service. We all know that Vodafone doesn’t give free caller tune service at any time like Jio, Airtel, and Idea. You have to pay for the caller tune subscription charge to activate.

How to set your name as your Callertune?

You can set your name as your callertune and welcome your callers. For instance, Thank you for calling (Your Name). Please wait while your call is answered. Get notifications for songs you hear while calling other people and set it as your Caller tune with just one click on notification.