Can Delphi be decompiled?

Can Delphi be decompiled?

You can use IDR it is a great program to decompile Delphi, it is updated to the current Delphi versions and it has a lot of features. Hanan N. Languages like Delphi, C and C++ Compile to processor-native machine code, and the output executables have little or no metadata in them.

When would you use a decompiler?

Introduction. The term decompiler is most commonly applied to a program which translates executable programs (the output from a compiler) into source code in a (relatively) high level language which, when compiled, will produce an executable whose behavior is the same as the original executable program.

Is decompile DLL illegal?

5 Answers. Decompiling is absolutely LEGAL, regardless of what the shills say. At most, you can be sued for unauthorized activity relating to software unless you’re redistributing it.

Is it legal to reverse engineer software?

Reverse engineering is often being used in machine development, software maintenance, and many other areas. Reverse engineering is generally legal. In trade secret law, similar to independent developing, reverse engineering is considered an allowed method to discover a trade secret.

Is reverse engineering an app illegal?

Reverse engineering generally doesn’t violate trade secret law because it is a fair and independent means of learning information, not a misappropriation. Once the information is discovered in a fair and honest way, it also can be reported without violating trade secret law.

Can I reverse engineer a DLL?

3 Answers. Well, if you are skilled you can disassemble the DLL and understand all of its functions. This takes a substantial amount of time, but if you do that you can reverse it back to source by hand.

Can we decode dll file?

NET language then, as pointed out, you can use . NET Reflector. If it’s the older Visual Basic (pre-. NET), then the DLL is compiled as what’s called p-code and there are a few options for doing some variations on decompiling.

Which is the best version of Delphi cross compiler?

Allows you to compile native Linux applications from inside the Windows┬« Delphi┬« IDE – supported IDE versions are Delphi 7, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2010, Delphi XE up to Delphi XE10.1 Berlin. Recommended/most tested IDE version is Delphi 7. Stand-alone version of the cross-compiler is also available,…

Is there a program to decompile in Delphi?

However, Delphi typically has embedded form data for any form in the project (generated by the $R *.dfm line), and it also has metadata on all published properties, so a Delphi-specific tool would be able to extract this information. Not the answer you’re looking for?

Is there a program to decompile Pascal code?

I don’t think there are any machine code decompilers that produce Pascal code. Most “Delphi decompilers” parse form and RTTI data, but do not actually decompile the machine code.

Can you use Delphi on 32 bit Windows?

32 Bit Windows – Well, Delphi can do that itself, so it’s of limited use 64 Bit Windows – Thanks to CrossFPC, you may now also compile to 64 Bit Windows with Delphi versions that don’t support this yet 32 Bit x86 Linux – Binaries created will run on pretty much every 32 bit and 64 Linux distribution.