Book of Ra 10 Deluxe Gameplay

Book of Ra 10 Deluxe Gameplay

Online gaming is popular these days among gaming fans. Some of those games are updated versions of their previous self. While many of those games are new to the net and people love to test them.

Online Casino Games

We know due to the current Pandemic situation, people are not going outside to spend quality time. Bars, restaurants, casinos are not open for the customers. One of the many things that are under the effect is casino gaming. But, like every other aspect, casino gaming also has a replacement in the current situation.

Online casino games are getting famous among fans around the world. For some of those games, fans will need to pay a certain amount. This payment will give the fans access to the game. At the same time, a few of them are available for free and need no investment.

Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of Ra 10 is an online casino game by Novomatic. If you love an adventure game, the Book of Ra is the one for you. In this game, you can go to Egypt in a theme-style adventure. The book of Ra is a slot game. A unique aspect of this game is that it is a double reel game. In this game, you will find stacked wilds, free spin bonus round, and you get to transfer symbols as well.

Further, you can play the game on a 5×4 reel set and a 5×12 reel set. Both reel sets have 100 paylines.

The theme of the game

Every game has a theme that sets it apart from the other game. The theme of the game helps decides its fanbase. As we know from the above conversation, the game features mysteries of Egypt. The slot is gigantic, and it will take you back to the pyramid era. The sunset scenes will give an orange theme along with sand in the backdrop as the perfect background.

There are many symbols in the game. If you get the highest paying symbol of the game, you will find yourself standing in front of the Egyptian pyramids. In case you have the second-highest symbol, you can get the golden Mummy. There are other symbols in the game as well, and the theme of Egypt continues in those symbols as well.

Bonus Feature of the game

Like every game, Fans of the book of Ra Deluxe are always looking for some bonuses. The game offers bonuses with specialties. These specials in the bonuses make them exciting for the fans.

If you get transferring wilds bonus, you will have the gold coin symbols. These coins are wilds of the game. Not only will you get them in stacked form, but these coins also do copy on the right on the large set of reels. In this way, the coins help you to get something extra out of the game.

In case you find three or more symbols, it will help you get free spins up to 20. Also, you can expand the symbols and transfer them to the next reel due to matching three symbols. Thus, increasing your wins in the game.


Many factors help a game become famous across the fanbase on the net. One of those factors is the soundtrack of the game. The soundtrack sets up the scene for a game. As we know, the game takes us back to the Egyptian era. Thus, the soundtrack is also as per the classic Egyptian era.

The soundtrack increases the mystery of the game. Also, it helps to leave a sense of wanting something more in the mind of the fans. Thus, they dig deeper to explore the pyramid. Like all the other games, each segment of the game has its soundtrack. When you are reaching the symbols in the game, the soundtrack creates anticipation. As you are winning in the game, you will hear a jubilant sound in the game.

Betting Limits

An interesting thing that sets this game apart from other Casino games is the betting limit. You can like a game and then end up losing too much amount as betting in the game. But this game has betting limits, so you can control your budget when you are playing the game. This feature brings in the best safety for online casino game fans.

But some of the fans want to spend extra money on the game as their pockets allow them. In that situation, a specific percent of the fans online will leave the game due to additional restrictions. Thus, it would be best if you found a balance while betting to play the game as per your need. The game allows you to be flexible while betting.

You can change the betting amount on each spin from 0.10 Pounds to 40 Pounds. If you get two wins in a game of any type, you can get a free spin as well.