Are paper sleeves safe for DVDs?

Are paper sleeves safe for DVDs?

As long as you take care not to get any dust/ debris in the sleeve or on the disc, and avoid pressing the DVDs against the paper/backing as you slide them into or out of the sleeve, you shouldn’t have any problems. Storing them flat is supposed to be bad for them, so try to keep your sleeves or binders upright.

Do paper sleeves scratch CDS?

When discs are stored in sleeves, the disc surfaces are in constant contact with the sleeve and every time a disc is removed or inserted into the sleeve, scratching occurs. The scratches can be more serious when debris is trapped in the sleeve and rubs against the disc surfaces.

How do you clean CD sleeves?

For the really gunky sticky residues on plastic cases, I use WD40 freeing/releasing spray very sparingly it dissolves even the most stubborn label adhesive, but does require cleanup with soapy water as it is oily! Finally, a careful buffing with a soft cotton cloth brings back the shine on plastic cases.

Can paper damage CDs?

Paper will put small scratches on the disc as you insert and remove it, where Tyvek shouldn’t cause any.

Are DVD wallets safe?

Disadvantages of Using Disc Wallets Also, inserting and removing discs from sleeves often leads to fingerprint contamination of the CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays. If the exterior shell is soft, the shell and the sleeves inside will provide minimal physical protection for the optical disc media and damage can occur.

Do cardboard sleeves scratch CDs?

No problem with cardboard sleeves or digipaks. But the packaging on some boxsets, like the recent Wilco set, do damage the CDs.

What do you clean CD cases with?

Dust can be blown away – best with a compressed air spray. Lint-free microfibre cloths are suitable for dry and wet cleaning of CDs. Do not stroke the cloth over the CD in circular movements, but in straight lines from the inside to the outside.

Can you use vinyl cleaner on CDs?

Simply spray a little Ecomoist Vinyl cleaner on the Microfiber towel and wipe gently the surface of the Vinyl record, CD or DVD. Use the dry side of the towel to remove additional streaks.

Is it OK to leave CD in player?

There is no harm done in leaving a disc in the player, if damage to disc or player is what is worrying you.