Are LPG Falcons any good?

Are LPG Falcons any good?

The problem with LPG powered Falcons of the past has been their poor performance when compared to their petrol powered brothers. Less torque, less power and limited bootspace (with the full size spare) has kept Falcon LPG sales to just 25% of overall volume, despite their improved fuel economy.

What is EcoLPi?

EcoLPi stands for Liquid Phase injection of liquid propane gas – LPG. It’s the most advanced LPG technology currently available and has been under development at Ford since 2007. EcoLPi produces 27 per cent more power and 10 per cent more torque than the previous E-Gas LPG system.

Is it worth buying an LPG car?

If your car is not fuel efficient, then converting to LPG is certainly worth considering. If the initial outlay is making you hesitate, then consider that within two years it will have paid for itself if you cover around 15,000 miles each year.

Why is my gas converter freezing?

The usual reason for a converter freezing up is low coolant level, especially if the converter is mounted high in the engine bay. Once it freezes up you may have to wait a bit longer for the internals to thaw before water flow resumes, check coolant level and purge any air lock from the system.

Is the Ford Falcon EcoLPi XR6 petrol or LPG?

Out on the open road Falcon EcoLPi XR6 is indistinguishable from its petrol-fuelled partner. Its quiet and comfortable when cruising and with excellent turn-in, plenty of rear grip and minimal body roll even under hard cornering. Unlike other alternative fuels, LPG is readily available right across Australia

What’s the price of a Ford Falcon XR6?

We’ve been maxing out on Ford Falcon XR6 pretty much since the FG X series was announced in November this year, and now we have another one up for consideration: Not the ballsy 270kW turbo version, but the ‘humble’ EcoLPI gas-powered model that sits alongside the big-selling petrol XR6 equivalent at a sizeable premium of $2500.

When did the Ford Falcon EcoLPi come out?

And a sad day it will be with more than 3.5 million Falcons being sold since its debut in 1960. The EcoLPi is now available in the entry level Falcon and XR6 models with both sedan, cab-chassis and Styleside ute bodies. Our test was in the XR6 sedan.

What should I know about the 2016 Ford Falcon?

The Falcon can phone for help after a serious crash. This review covers the Falcon as sold in 2016, its final year of production. What might bug me? Getting comfortable with the steering wheel: many drivers find it too low.