Are Fiat Punto Grande reliable?

Are Fiat Punto Grande reliable?

Overall, the Grande Punto is a good car for the city and B roads, it is cheap to maintain, repair and reliable. It is comfortable and has a good sized boot, can be fun too.

What size engine is a Fiat Punto?

There are currently two engines in the Fiat Punto range: 1.2 and 1.4-litre petrols.

What is a Fiat Grande Punto?

The Fiat Grande Punto is a supermini car produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat from 2005 to 2018. It is the third generation in the series of the Fiat Punto, and was announced in August 2005, and launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was manufactured in Italy, in Brazil (from 2007) and in India (from 2008).

Is it good to buy Fiat Punto?

Punto is an excellent car with interior good for the money you pay. Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Engine is super and silent. i get a fuel average of about 20 to 21 in highway drive and 15 in city, with AC always on.

Is Punto Evo a good car?

The Evo rolls a bit, but it has the ideal ride and handling balance for a car under Rs 10 lakh. The car has some body roll thanks to the high ground clearance, but despite the high centre of gravity it still doesn’t miss a beat when you are enjoying your favourite set of corners.

What’s the length of a Fiat Grande Punto?

Non European markets. A related sedan car, the Fiat Linea, was launched in the beginning of 2007 to replace the ageing Fiat Marea. It is built on an extended version of the Grande Punto’s chassis, with a total length of 4,560 mm (179.5 in), making it part of the superior small family car segment.

Where is the Fiat Grande Punto made in India?

The Indian market Punto is manufactured by the Fiat Tata Motors joint venture Fiat India Automobiles Ltd (FIAL) in a new plant in Ranjangaon, Maharashtra. The Indian Grande Punto was based on the same 310 project of the Brazilian Punto.

What kind of fire engine does Grande Punto have?

While the earlier 8-valve FIRE engines used in Fiat cars were non-interference designs, the newer, higher compression units in the Grande Punto are interference engines. Therefore, don’t forget to replace the timing belt.

When to replace timing chain on Fiat Grande Punto?

Generally, when a timing chain is used, the intention is for it to last the “lifetime” of the engine (very roughly 200k miles). Therefore, there is no replacement interval specified for the timing chain. As I see it, trying to reach 200k miles on the original chain and tensioner is very risky.