Are Cancer moons obsessive?

Are Cancer moons obsessive?

Cancers are extremely relationship-oriented. When they become obsessed with anyone it is not in a possessive way. When a Cancer comes across as controlling, it’s more in an “I love you so much I just can’t even imagine my life without you” sort of obsession. They are in touch with their emotions.

What is Moon in Cancer attracted to?

You enjoy talking “dirty” in the bedroom. If Your Moon or Venus are in Cancer – You’re attracted to a woman who will comfort, care for you, and take care of your needs (i.e. who “mothers” you). It’s a plus if she reminds you of your mother. Sharing a home with a woman makes you feel wanted and secure.

Do Cancer moons get jealous?

As a water sign, Cancer takes love and emotions very seriously, so jealousy is bound to arise. Because they’re ruled by the moon, Cancer is prone to cycling through emotions. Overall, Cancer desires an emotionally honest partnership that has loyalty (or else watch out for their claws).

How does moon affect Cancer?

Looking at our astrological matches, Cancers are often the worst match to other Cancers. The Moon will serve to only make you more sensitive and as such, you may feel really overwhelmed by your feelings and the feelings of those around you.

Why are cancers so controlling?

Cancer knows how to be clingy and they try to reason it by saying it’s because they care. Their motivation might be good but they’re still possessive. They will hang on so tightly that sometimes the people in their life can’t breathe. Cancer needs to realize that their partner won’t leave them.

What are cancers attracted to?

Cancer is hopelessly attracted to the aloof and cold zodiac sign, Aquarius. The latter sign too is haunted by Cancer. But, their equation is toxic as they both can’t satisfy each other’s needs.

Do cancer moons cry a lot?

These themes symbolize the Cancer Moon sign. You can put on a brave face, but deep down you feel EVERYTHING. You usually cry easily and really experience the emotions of any particular situation or environment you happen to be in. And so Cancer Moons are often working on expressing their needs.

Do cancer moons fall in love fast?

Cancer is known for being sensitive and emotionally in tune to other people. They’re known for being compassionate, affectionate, and nurturing. They tend to be a little shy at first, but they have a lot of love to give, and have no trouble falling in love fast.

Do Cancers fall in love easily?

Are Cancers controlled by the moon?

“Cancers are protective, nurturing, and very emotionally intelligent. They have a strong intuition and are really good at making money and building it, because they are so focused on security.” And since Cancer is ruled by the moon, the sign is prone to experiencing lots of emotional highs and lows.

Why is the Moon a good Moon for cancer?

It is because you are incredibly sensitive and have a tendency to get hurt easily. You rarely lose their cool. Cancer have strong maternal instincts and love to take care of and nurture everyone. You are able to sense the feelings of the people around you. You often go out of your way to help and nurture others.

How to know if you are compatible with Cancer Moon?

You tend to hoard things, as you are a sentimental person. Cancer moon compatibility shows that you cling on to the past, including bad relationships and issues, you do not hesitate to bring up during an argument. As a Water Sign, you have strong empathy, you can be self-absorbed with your own emotions.

What does a Gemini feel about a Cancer Moon?

Put simply, Gemini is uncomfortable with Cancer’s emotionality, and may feel overwhelmed or smothered by Cancer’s emotional needs or solicitous concern. Gemini seems too “light”, detached and cool to Cancer at times. It may appear that Gemini doesn’t care very deeply.

What kind of person is born with a moon?

Born with moon in Cancer, you are a nurturing person, to a point of being a mother hen. Mothering people makes you happy, but for others it might be smothering. You are also a moody Moon Sign, often retreating into your shell to lick your wounds when hurt.