8 Office Furniture Organizing Tips

8 Office Furniture Organizing Tips

There are many factors that can contribute to the success of your business, among them the layout of your office. Organizing your office furniture in a sensible way can make your workplace more comfortable, practical, and productive . Here are eight office furniture organizing tips to help you get the most out of your business.

Keep the Walkways Clear

Nobody likes tripping over piles of junk every time they get up to go to the bathroom. Your office should have defined walkways to allow for maximum ease of movement, and these walkways should be kept entirely clear.

Make sure coffee tables, filing cabinets, and any other small pieces of furniture are kept out of the way. It is often best to keep most furniture pushed up against a wall. That way, you can avoid the awkward moments when an employee or client bangs their shin on an ill-placed cabinet.

Promote Empty Desktops

A desktop that is completely covered with junk makes it harder for a worker to be productive. Try to promote the prompt storage of folders and documents in filing cabinets that you can keep off against the wall. Also, provide employees with spaces to leave bags, coats, and other personal belongings. That way they can keep their work space open for working.

Keep Drawers Organized

Office desks should have plenty of drawers for storing pens, flash drives, and any other tools of the trade. These drawers should be kept organized to maximize efficiency. Try putting trays and dividers in the drawers so different tools can be easily separated. Desktops should have a caddy for little items in constant use, keeping them from being tossed in any old place. An organized desk means your workers know where everything is, allowing them to spend more time working and less time looking for the pesky stapler with a tendency to disappear.

Invest in a Separate Printer Stand

If workers have printers right on their desks beside their computers, they will have less desktop space to work with. A separate printer stand is a necessity to give workers the surface area they need. Remember, a cramped space can lead to anxiety and stress, which in turn makes an employee less productive. To maintain harmony in the office and keep workers happy and productive, make sure they have room to lay their work out in front of them.

Get Comfortable Chairs

Desk chairs are not something you should be stingy on when furnishing your office. Employees are asked to sit at their desks for hours at a time. If their chairs are hard or uncomfortable, they won’t be happy and they’ll produce shoddier work. Cheap chairs can also lead to back pain, meaning your workers will spend less time at their desk and more time walking around and stretching. Investing in chairs especially designed to promote healthy posture and provide all-day comfort can go a long way to increasing the productivity in your office.

Beautify the Space

No matter how hard working your employees are, they will not have their eyes glued to their computer screens every minute of every day. In fact, doing so can be dangerous to their eyes. People need to look away from screens every so often to give their eyes (and their minds) a rest. By putting some pleasant decorations around the office you give them something nice and uplifting to look at, keeping them satisfied and motivating them to continue working hard.

Create Proximity

If someone’s job is such that they are constantly printing, try to put their corner desks close to the printer station. If there are two employees who tend to work together on projects, try to make their desks adjacent. Do what you can to keep people near where they need to be to cut down on needless walking and senselessly-long interruptions.

Think About Windows

In general, the more windows in an office the better. Natural light brightens people’s spirits and makes them happier, healthier, and more productive. Put thought into the curtains or blinds, and listen to feedback from your team. If the curtains aren’t doing enough to block sunlight and cut the glare, replace them. Find a solution that works for everyone.

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