Why is cocobolo desk so expensive?

Why is cocobolo desk so expensive?

Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa is the long sought after hardwood in martial arts. It is in the family of the Rosewoods Dalbergia nigra. Hardwoods of this nature eat through expensive cutting bits in weeks, where as the same bit would last a lifetime with normal woods.

What is so special about a cocobolo desk?

Cocobolo desks are highly sought-after desks made of rare Central American cocobolo wood. Collectors revere cocobolo wood for its colorful, streaked wood grain. While predominantly brown in color, common accent grain colors include yellow, red, purple, and even black.

How much does a cocobolo desk cost?

The price of a cocobolo desk costs slightly more than other custom solid wood desks which can be $5,000 or more. The wood iteself has a stunning beauty that is unique to this tree which puts it at the top of the list based on consumer appeal and it’s ability to provide a sense of luxury.

What kind of desk did Jimmy want in better call Saul?

A bespoken and rare cocobolo desk by celebrated Mexican designer and woodworker Don Shoemaker, model no F46. Designed in 1970’s and executed in 1981, the desk is constructed with patchwork of exotic Cocobolo wood, a tropical hardwood from central America known for its expressive grains and attractive colors.

Does Saul have the cocobolo desk in breaking bad?

You can see cocobolo desk in Breaking Bad when Jimmy McGill orders one for his office. Whereas you can also see Cocobolo Desk in Better call Saul in Saul Goodman’s office where he conducted his matters. You can see the cocobolo desk as a part of Saul’s life, and it shows the importance of the desk in his life.

What is the most expensive desk?

Most Expensive Desks

  1. The Parnian Desk – $200,000. Continue Reading.
  2. DMG Design SF Reception Desk – $45,000.
  3. Google Desk – $12,600.
  4. Sculptural Desk – Price $12,150.
  5. Mobile Work Pod Workstation Desk – $11,192.
  6. Graph Desk – Price $8,460.
  7. Florence Knoll Table Desk – Price $7,744.
  8. Nevada Desk – Price $6,988.

Does Saul have cocobolo desk in breaking bad?

Does Saul have cocobolo desk in Breaking Bad?

Does Saul have his cocobolo desk in Breaking Bad?

What happened Kim Wexler?

But at the end of season three, the Saul team began to use Kim’s hair as a barometer of her inner turmoil. After Kim got into a car accident in the season’s penultimate episode “Fall” — an accident brought on by exhaustion from working too much at HHM — she wound up with a broken arm in a sling.

What is a reasonable price for a desk?

Most computer office desks cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. The price depends on the quality of materials, size, and the configuration. A Bestar Hamilton laminate corner computer desk with a slide-out keyboard tray retails for $350 to $500.

How much does it cost to make a cocobolo desk?

It has an appealing and fine texture with a good luster. The Cocobolo tree grows with several imperfections in its trunk, which makes it hard to get undamaged straight wood boards. This is another reason why a final product like a cocobolo desk is expensive. A single cocobolo desk can cost up to $15,000, although you can get it cheaper.

What can you use cocobolo wood slabs for?

Live-edge slabs for: desk tops, conference tables, coffee tables, bar tops, gathering tables, dining room tables, kitchen islands, nightstands, wall art, and other fine furniture. Cocobolo is a stunning and unique hardwood that has become a prized material amongst woodworkers.

Where can you find cocobolo wood in Central America?

Cocobolo is found in Central America, primarily in Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. No matter where you find cocobolo, the pieces will display the same red, orange, and purple tones with black streaks. The sapwood is almost white.

Which is the best type of cocobolo to buy?

The sapwood is almost white. The grain is usually swirly, but if you happen to get cocobolo from a larger tree, you may find some straight-grained pieces. Mexican cocobolo is the highest-quality cocobolo available and is what we offer at AdvantageLumber.com. It is kiln-dried and less prone to checking.