Why does Styx not play Mr Roboto?

Why does Styx not play Mr Roboto?

But why has Styx been so reluctant to play “Mr. Roboto” in particular? In an interview with AZ Central, guitarist James “J.Y.” Young reveals the answer: He always disliked the “soft, sappy side” of Styx, which just happened to be the specialty of DeYoung, who he views as something of a competitor.

Did Styx sing Mr Roboto?

Roboto” is a song written by Dennis DeYoung of the band Styx, and recorded on the Styx album Kilroy Was Here.

Who wrote Mr Roboto?

Dennis DeYoung
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What key is Mr Roboto in?

Key of F Major Mr. Roboto by Styx is in the key of F Major. It should be played at a tempo of 100 BPM. This track was released in 1983.

Why does Styx say Kilroy?

Kilroy Was Here is the eleventh studio album and rock opera by the rock band Styx, released on February 22, 1983. The album is named after a famous World War II graffiti tag “Kilroy was here”.

Who sings the song Mr Roboto?

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Why is Mr Roboto Kilroy?

Roboto, I want to know your secret.” Kilroy Was Here is a concept album that is a commentary on censorship. “Kilroy” is the main character of the album, a famous rock star who is sent to prison by a group called The Majority For Musical Morality.

When did Mr Roboto by Styx Come Out?

The 1983 multi message hit, combining Japanese (the “land of robots”) and English, topping at No. 3 in the charts. The song addresses a robot in a futuristic prison in which… Read More The Section Header button breaks up song sections. Highlight the text then click the link

Who is the protagonist in Mr Roboto by Styx?

The protagonist, Robert Orin Charles Kilroy, hides himself inside of a robot to escape the prison. Dennis DeYoung wrote a short film “Kilroy Was Here” which was directed by Brian Gibson. The film would be shown at the beginning of their shows on tour. The music video for this song was created from the film’s footage.

Where does the name Styx Come from in Greek mythology?

The Styx (Ancient Greek: Στύξ, also meaning “hate” and “detestation”) (adjectival form: Stygian, /ˈstɪdʒiən/) is a river in Greek mythology that formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld (often called Hades which is also the name of this domain’s ruler).