Why does EOS make my lips peel?

Why does EOS make my lips peel?

Some of the ingredients can actually dry out the lips —menthol, camphor, and phenol— that gives the tingling sensation. This reaction is actually one of the reasons why people become hooked on lip balm. After the tingling and irritation, lips feel dry and cracked again, causing people to reach right for the lip balm.

Why do my lips peel after using lip balm?

Lip balms provide only temporary comfort, and some types can make scaly lips even drier. That’s because, in part, when the thin film of moisture from the lip balm evaporates, it dehydrates your lips even more.

Why is Eos lip balm bad?

Eos became the center of a controversy when customer Rachael Cronin filed a class action lawsuit against the brand, stating that the lip balm caused her lips to suffer from “severe rashes, dryness, bleeding, blistering, cracking and loss of pigmentation.” But she wasn’t the only one.

How often should you put Vaseline on your lips?

Balms containing the uber-moisturizing ingredients ceramide and hyaluronic fatty acids are your best bet. Top it off with Vaseline (or your fave alternative) to lock in that moisture. Just don’t overexfoliate. Stick to a couple of times a week to avoid further damaging your lips.

Are there any adverse reactions to EOS lip balm?

The lip balm brand, EOS, has recently come under fire from the FDA, in addition to a large group of angry consumers who have filed a class action lawsuit claiming the Easter egg-resembling balms caused severe adverse skin reactions.

What kind of oil is in lip balm?

And after a quick scan down the EOS ingredients list, she finds several other common allergens including olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and even the beeswax used as the base ingredient of the popular balms — ingredients that are common in many lip products.

Are there lip balms that make your lips Peel?

According to this Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences study, it seems to be one of the most frequent contact sensitizers, with possible reactions including chelitis and peeling lips. I guess this is why I didn’t got the hype over the original Burt’s Bees lip balms! They never seemed to work for me, so probably I have some minor sensitivity.

Are there any lip balm that make your lips chapped?

Ironically, many lip products contain allergens and irritants that can make chapped lips even worse. Think you’re “addicted” to lip balm? You might just have an ingredient sensitivity.