Why are my crochet edges wavy?

Why are my crochet edges wavy?

If you do not count the turning chain as a stitch, the edges of your piece are wavy. This happens because a turning chain is not the same shape or thickness as a regular stitch.

Why are my granny squares not square?

As such this is not much, but when making large squares these millimeters build up as the square grows and at a certain point any given stitch is no longer above the equivalent stitch a few rounds down. If you are right-handed your stitches are offset to the right, so your square turns to the left.

How do you finish the edge of a baby blanket?

One Way to Finish the Edges of a Baby Quilt

  1. Supplies:
  2. Trim the edges top, bottom and sides, so that they are even.
  3. The ideal way is to hemstitch around the edge of the quilt and then, crochet the edge using the hemstitched holes.
  4. Then I would single crochet with the yarn, going from one hole to the next.

Can you add crochet edging to an Afghan?

Maybe you need to add crochet edging to complete your pattern. Voila! Any one of the crochet stitch patterns on this page, 30+ Crochet Border Patterns, can work as an edging on an afghan, baby blanket, sweater, scarf and more! First, we’ll share our videos for the prettiest crochet edgings…

What are the different types of crochet edgings?

1. Ruffled Crochet Edge 5. Crab Stitch/Reverse Single Crochet Border 11. Trefoil Loops Crochet Edging 2. Blanket Stitch Edging 6. Crocheted Bobble Edging 12. Apple Blossom Edging & Insertion Pattern 3. Shell Stitch Crochet Border 7. Puff Stitch Edging 13. Dainty Crochet Edging Pattern 4. Crochet Picot Edging 8. Lacey Edging 14. Pillow Edgings 9.

Can you add borders to a baby Afghan?

Along with baby blankets, throws, and afghans, you can also add borders to granny squares, table runners, and pillows, just to name a few. They vary in… You are going to fall in love with these crochet edge patterns and tutorials.

Which is the best crochet pattern for Afghans?

This crochet edging is dainty and adorable, which means it is perfect for the sweet little ones in your life. If you like vintage elegance, then you are going to love this Vibrantly Vintage Crochet Edging Pattern. Many afghan patterns have been passed down through generations, bringing with them a rich history of crochet heritage.