Who was in the 1985 NBA championship series?

Who was in the 1985 NBA championship series?

The 1985 NBA World Championship Series was the championship round of the National Basketball Association (NBA)’s 1984–85 season, and the culmination of the season’s playoffs. It featured the Eastern Conference playoff champion Boston Celtics against the Western Conference playoff champion Los Angeles Lakers .

How many wins did the Lakers have in 1985?

After losing to the Celtics in the previous year’s finals, the Lakers entered the 1984–85 NBA season with a mission. Once again using the effective Showtime offense, they ran away with the Western Conference-leading 62 wins.

What was the Celtics record in the 1985 NBA Finals?

The Celtics were looking to repeat as NBA champions for the first time since the 1968–69 season. The Celtics had home court advantage for the second year in a row as they finished the regular season with a 63–19 record while the Lakers compiled a 62–20 record.

Who was the starting shooting guard for the Celtics in 1985?

Danny Ainge also emerged as the team’s starting shooting guard, after the Celtics traded Gerald Henderson to the Seattle SuperSonics in the offseason. The Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons and Philadelphia 76ers, finishing with an 11–4 record heading into the finals.

Who was the Celtics guard in the 1985 NBA Finals?

Celtics’ guard Dennis Johnson led both teams in minutes played (247). Boston shot 47.6% from the floor while out-rebounding Los Angeles 259-256. It was the first time (and so far only) in NBA Finals history where the other team clinched the championship against the Celtics in Boston.

When did the 1984-85 NBA season start?

1984–85 NBA season League National Basketball Association Sport Basketball Duration Oct 26, 1984 – Apr 14, 1985 Apr 17 – May Number of teams 23

Who was Jeff Ruland’s replacement in the 1985 NBA All Star Game?

Bill Laimbeer (East): Replacement for Jeff Ruland. Jeff Ruland (East): Did not play due to injury; replaced by Bill Laimbeer.