Who played Mr Darcy best?

Who played Mr Darcy best?

Ranking the 10 Best Mr. Darcy’s and What You Need to Know

  • Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice (1995)
  • Matthew Macfadyen in Pride and Prejudice (2005)
  • Sir Laurence Olivier in Pride and Prejudice (1940)
  • David Rintoul in Pride and Prejudice (1980)
  • Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Who did Keeley Hawes marry?

Matthew Macfadyenm. 2004
Spencer McCallumm. 2001–2004
Keeley Hawes/Spouse

Personal life. Hawes married the DJ Spencer McCallum in December 2001 when their son Myles was almost two years old; they divorced in 2004. She married Matthew Macfadyen, her co-star in Spooks, in November 2004 and their daughter was born the following month. Their second child was born in September 2006.

Why does Elizabeth Kiss Mr Darcys hand?

Darcy’s hand in the picture above is intended to show just how moved he is by being able to touch her hand. Whilst this is out of tune with the etiquette of the book, it worked as quite a fitting way to show their attraction in the 2005 film.

Are Keeley Hawes and Matthew Macfadyen still married?

Is Keeley Hawes married? Keeley wed fellow actor Matthew Macfadyen in November 2004. They have been together for 16 years. They currently live together in London.

Why was Matthew Macfadyen chosen to play Mr Darcy?

The final proposal is Matthew Macfadyen’s shining moment as Mr. Darcy. In the 2005 adaptation, Darcy approaches Elizabeth at dawn, his shirt slightly unbuttoned and his jacket blowing in the breeze. Of course, this would have been scandalous during the period, but this lack of decorum adds spice for the contemporary audience.

When did Matthew Macfadyen appear in Pride and Prejudice?

Macfadyen appeared in films including Enigma (released in 2001), and In My Father’s Den, for which he received the New Zealand Screen Award for Best Actor. He starred as the romantic lead Fitzwilliam Darcy in an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, released in the UK in September 2005.

Who was Matthew Macfadyen in death at a funeral?

Macfadyen starred in Frank Oz’s Death at a Funeral and the film Incendiary, based on Chris Cleave’s novel alongside Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor. He also appeared in Ron Howard ‘s film Frost/Nixon, in which he played John Birt. In 2008, he played the male lead Arthur Clennam in the BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit.

Who was Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice?

Throughout his career, he has alternated between plays, TV shows, and movies, and he’s best known for costume dramas, including his role as Mr. Darcy in the 2005 remake of Pride & Prejudice, and Henry Wilcox in the recent adaptation of Howards End, among many others.