Who is the nicest character in Undertale?

Who is the nicest character in Undertale?

1. Sans – Why do I love Sans? Because he is the greatest character in the game! He is so cool, powerful, mysterious and creepy when he wants to be.

What personality type is sans?

Funky MBTI in Fiction — Undertale: Sans [INFJ]

Who is the purple girl in Undertale?

Muffet. Muffet is a spider girl with lavender skin who appears as a mini boss in the game Undertale.

Who is the main Undertale character?

Frisk is the playable character and main protagonist of Undertale.

Why is sans so iconic?

Sans is a fictional character created by Toby Fox for the 2015 role-playing video game Undertale. The character was praised by critics for his dialogue and boss fight, which is considered to be the most difficult in the game. His popularity with fans inspired several user-created mods and other types of projects.

What does Underfell sans look like?

Underfell Sans looks very similar to his Undertale counterpart. He is a skeleton with sharp teeth, with one being gold. His right eye is seen to be glowing red 24/7. His body structure appears the same as his counterpart (besides his teeth).

What is Flowey’s personality type?

8 Undyne – ISFJ Undyne the Undying is an ISFJ — one of the best types to have your back. She’s willing to defend her loved ones to the death. In fact, she’s willing to defend all the monsters to her death.

Is sans an introvert?

Sans seems pretty happy and comfortable engaging with people in extroverted-like behavior. So his outward behavior in company is more extroverted, but lots of his actions about his private life feel introverted. That’s an extroverted introvert, more or less.

Is frisk evil than Chara?

of course frisk is an innocent angel, and of course chara is a pure evil demon i mean, it’s not like frisk was the one who did genocide. and it’s not like chara specifically stated that frisk was the one who led the world to it’s destruction.

Why is frisk yellow?

Frisk has yellow skin because they don’t have a defined race, like a smiley, emoji or a lego mini-figure. No matter what color your skin is, your age, your gender, your religion, your language, you can relate to Frisk.