Who is the music director of vishwaroopam?

Who is the music director of vishwaroopam?

Loy Mendonsa
Shankar–Ehsaan–LoyEhsaan NooraniShankar Mahadevan
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Is Vishwaroopam hit?

Despite the controversy, the Hindi version of the film did exceptionally well at the box office with 45% opening and netting ₹115 million in its first week, and a lifetime business of ₹190 million nett. The film completed a 100-day run in Tamil Nadu and 100 days in Bangalore city.

Was Vishwaroopam shot in Afghanistan?

In 2011, Selvaraghavan was removed from the project and it was later announced that the film would be a thriller similar to Mission Impossible. The flashback scenes are set in Afghanistan, but were shot in Chennai, at the grounds of an engineering college.

What is the story of vishwaroopam?

Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) marries a dance instructor (Kamal Hassan) and she wants to end the marriage after three years to pursue her higher education.
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Is vishwaroopam 2 hit or flop?

Vishwaroopam 2 grossed ₹19 crore (US$2.7 million) from the Tamil Nadu box office in its first 7 days. The film collected around ₹45.75 crore (US$6.4 million) at worldwide box office in first weekend.

Why is vishwaroopam banned?

Threatened by a complete theatre boycott of Vishwaroopam, Haasan agreed to release the film first in theatres. Later, Muslim groups in Tamil Nadu demanded the ban of the film and claimed, that the film would hurt Muslim sentiments.

Is Uttama villain hit or flop?

The film suffered huge loss and traders say that Uttama Villain lost approximately ₹120 million (US$1.7 million) in India, whereas from Tamil Nadu alone the film lost ₹80 million (US$1.1 million) and from the rest of India, the loss is ₹40 million (US$560,000), still the film collected ₹8.5 million (US$120,000) from …

When vishwaroopam 2 will release?

August 10, 2018 (India)
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Where can I watch Uttama Villain?

Uttama Villain Movie Online – Watch Uttama Villain Full Movie in HD on ZEE5.

When was Uttama Villain released?

May 2, 2015 (India)
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Will there be vishwaroopam 3?

“We have no plans to make ‘Vishwaroopam 3’ since we restricted our screenplay to just two parts,” he adds. The actor claims that he is indebted to film viewers for bestowing him with fame, money and position.