Who is Mercer in The Walking Dead?

Who is Mercer in The Walking Dead?

Michael James ShawThe Walking Dead
Mercer/Played by

As you will learn in the first season 11 episodes of The Walking Dead (which kick off Aug. 22 on AMC) Michael James Shaw’s Mercer can be a man of few words when he wants to be.

Is the Commonwealth in TWD?

The Commonwealth is a civilization of several united towns with nearly 50,000 survivors total in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Its main community is located in Charleston, West Virginia and is led by Governor Pamela Milton.

Who is Sebastian in The Walking Dead?

Sebastian Milton is a character and a former antagonist first encountered in Issue 177 of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Commonwealth and the son of Pamela Milton, its leader. He was responsible for the death of Rick Grimes, receiving a life sentence in jail.

Why is Rick Grimes AB?

When Rick was found injured by Jadis on the riverbank after his suicide mission, she revealed to the just approaching CRM that she had no A, but a B instead. So far it was uncertain what was behind the abbreviations. A and B are terms for people within the Civic Republic and their future tasks.

Is Mercer good or bad?

Mercer is technically among the elite of this society as head of the military and Governor Pamela Milton’s right-hand man. But he is an intelligent, sensitive person and realizes the social inequality is unsustainable long-term.

Is Mercer a good guy?

Mercer is an anti-hero he fights for the right reasons just goes about them the wrong way. Furthermore if you finish the web of intrigue you can catch a glimpse of what rly happened in the subway. Cadre wrote: Mercer is an anti-hero he fights for the right reasons just goes about them the wrong way.

Who runs the Commonwealth TWD?

The settlements are under the control of a governor named Pamela Milton. She governs with the help of her army, led by a man named Mercer (who couples off with Princess in the comics).

Is Rick Grimes an A or B?

Back when the CRM took Rick Grimes, Jadis changed her mind last minute and switched him from an “A” to a “B’ in order to protect him.

What does A and B mean in walking dead?

We previously thought “A” may allude to someone “after” they were turned into a walker or were bit and “B” referred to someone “before” they were turned into one of the undead. “That is not it, although that’s a great theory,” Kang told Insider.

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