Who invented Delaunay triangulation?

Who invented Delaunay triangulation?

Boris Delaunay
The triangulation was invented by Boris Delaunay in 1934. Based on Delaunay’s definition, the circumcircle of a triangle formed by three points from the original point set is empty if it does not contain vertices other than the three that define it (other points are permitted only on the very perimeter, not inside).

Is Voronoi diagram unique?

Each cell edge of the Voronoi diagram is uniquely associated with one cell edge of the Delaunay triangulation.

What is triangulation relationship?

Triangulation refers to a specific behavior that can come up within a two-person conflict. This tactic can show up in nearly any type of relationship — between friends, family members, romantic partners, or even coworkers.

How to create a 2 d Delaunay triangulation?

DT = delaunay(x,y) creates a 2-D Delaunay triangulation from the points in vectors x and y.

Which is the smallest angle in the Delaunay triangulation?

Compared to any other triangulation of the points, the smallest angle in the Delaunay triangulation is at least as large as the smallest angle in any other. However, the Delaunay triangulation does not necessarily minimize the maximum angle. The Delaunay triangulation also does not necessarily minimize the length of the edges.

Which is the correct definition of a Delone triangulation?

In mathematics and computational geometry, a Delaunay triangulation (also known as a Delone triangulation) for a given set P of discrete points in a general position is a triangulation DT (P) such that no point in P is inside the circumcircle of any triangle in DT (P).

How long does it take to triangulate 500K points in Delaunay?

It has Delaunay triangulations (also with breaklines). From the performance graph on their website you should be able to triangulate 500k points in about 30s. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!