Who distributes XL Recordings?

Who distributes XL Recordings?

Beggars Group
XL Recordings is a British independent record label founded in 1989 by Tim Palmer and Nick Halkes. It is run and co-owned by Richard Russell since 1996. It forms part of the Beggars Group….XL Recordings.

Industry Music & Entertainment
Key people Richard Russell (CEO)
Parent Beggars Group
Website xlrecordings.com

How do I submit to warped records?

Upload your demo track(s) to Warp Records. Use the ‘Select’ button below to select files from your device, or just drag and drop them somewhere onto this dashed region. After uploading your tracks, click the ‘Submit demo’ button below to continue!

How do I get signed to Matador?

If you’re in the US, email a playlist of your most recent non-comm AAA or college show to Risa Lawrenson, and she’ll think about it. Also include a cover note stating what Matador artists you are particularly interested in.

Who owns Beggars Group?

founder Martin Mills
Chaired by founder Martin Mills, Beggars Group now comprises many of the world’s most respected independent labels and is home to 4AD, Matador Records, Rough Trade, XL Recordings and Young, in addition to a growing publishing wing (Beggars Music) and a successful catalog imprint (Beggars Arkive).

Who runs Warp Records?

Steve Beckett
Warp was founded by Steve Beckett and the late Rob Mitchell, who had both gained experience working at Sheffield’s FON record shop, alongside record producer Robert Gordon. The name was chosen because the original name, ‘Warped Records’, was difficult to distinguish over the telephone.

Are Warp Records independent?

Introduction: Since founding the label in 1989, Steve Beckett (pictured left) and the late Rob Mitchell have established Warp Records as one of the most pioneering independent labels in the history of music.

Who runs Matador Records?

Chris Lombardi
Matador Records is an independent record label, with a roster of mainly indie rock, but also punk rock, experimental rock, alternative rock, and electronic acts….

Matador Records
Parent company Beggars Group
Founded 1989
Founder Chris Lombardi

Who are the members of the XL Recordings?

XL Recordings is a British independent record label founded in 1989 by Richard Russell, Tim Palmer and Nick Halkes. It forms part of the Beggars Group.

When did XL Recordings release the album 21?

On 24 January 2011, XL Recordings released the album 21 by Adele. In February the (then) 19-year-old OFWGKTA member Tyler, the Creator was signed for a one-album deal for his debut studio album and commercial debut Goblin . [17]

Where can I get a Universal Music Group master recording?

To find details of the office in your country please click here. If you are in the US and would like to license the master recording of a Universal Music Group artist please contact the copyright and licensing division at 310-865-0770 for further information.

What kind of equipment does XL Studio use?

Set up specifically with the xx in mind, XL Studio features little outboard gear and is equipped with a Neotek √Član custom 24-channel mixing console, Yamaha NS10 studio monitors, and instruments that include an upright piano, Roland Juno-60, Moog Prodigy, Vox Continental organ, and Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesizer.