Who did the Springboks lose 57 0 to?

Who did the Springboks lose 57 0 to?

Highlights of New Zealand’s 57-0 thrashing of the Springboks in the Rugby Championship. The All Blacks puts a record score past the Springboks with a 57-0 win in Albany in the Rugby Championship on Saturday.

How many times has South Africa beaten New Zealand?

Up until the start of the professional era, South Africa had won 21 tests to New Zealand’s 18….Records.

Record New Zealand South Africa
Home 57 (16 September 2017) 17 (30 June 1928)
Away 42 (8 October 2016) 12 (29 August 1981)
Largest aggregate score

How did South Africa beat NZ 1995?

In the final, held at Ellis Park in Johannesburg on 24 June, South Africa defeated New Zealand 15–12, with Joel Stransky scoring a drop goal in extra time to win the match.

What year did South Africa beat New Zealand in rugby?

1992 South Africa vs New Zealand rugby union match

Event 1992 New Zealand rugby union tour of Australia and South Africa
South Africa New Zealand 24 27
Date 15 August 1992
Venue Ellis Park Stadium
Attendance 72,000

Did South Africa beat New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup?

South Africa became the first team to win the World Cup despite losing a match in the pool stage. The Springboks, as the team is known, were defeated by New Zealand, the two-time defending champion, in their opening game in Japan.

Did South Africa ever won the Rugby World Cup?

Four countries have won the trophy; New Zealand and South Africa three times, Australia twice, and England once. South Africa are the current champions, having defeated England in the 2019 tournament final. Japan hosted the 2019 Rugby World Cup and France will host the next in 2023.

What is the national animal of New Zealand?

The kiwi
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