Who can see my comments on public posts on Facebook?

Who can see my comments on public posts on Facebook?

Your Facebook Wall For example, if you comment on a friend’s photo, only mutual friends will see the comment on your wall, but if you comment on a photo on a public page or a friend’s profile that is open to the public, everyone will see the comment on your wall.

Can anyone comment on my public posts on Facebook?

When you post something on Facebook, you can use the audience selector to choose who can like or comment on it. If you create a public post, by default everyone can like or comment, even people who aren’t following you.

How do you find someone’s public comments on Facebook?

If you remember a specific user by name, you could type in “comments made by ” in the Facebook search bar. You can narrow down the search results using the filters on the left. However, this appears to yield more information about people in your friend list or fellow group members.

How do I post on Facebook without comments?

It’s a quick and simple job to turn off comments on a Facebook group post. Simply click on the three dots icon at the top right of the post. From the options that pop up, tap on “Turn off commenting.” Comments will now be disabled.

How do you see someones likes on Facebook 2021?

How to Look Up Someone Else’s Likes on Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and type the name of the friend whose likes you want to see in the search box at the top.
  2. Click “More” and then “Likes” to view content liked by the user.
  3. Click “More” and choose another option from the drop-down list to see likes in that category.

Why am I seeing FB posts from people im not friends with?

The reason you can’t see friends’ status on Facebook is because of an algorithm Facebook uses to cut down the “noise” on your profile. This algorithm looks at which friends you’ve had the most interactions with, and then only shows you posts from those people.

Why do I see people I’m not friends with on Facebook?

Your News Feed includes posts about your friends’ activity on Facebook, including when your friends comment on posts from people you’re not friends with. You also might see posts about your friends commenting in public groups that you’re not a member of.

Can a person see your comments on FB?

If someone comments on your post, then anyone who can see the post can see those comments. You’d have to change the privacy of your posts or pictures so that only you can seem them, and that way nobody would be able to comment on them. At least this is my understanding, you can also check FB help section.

How can I change who can comment on my Facebook post?

Fortunately, you can change who can comment on your public post. To do so, first, click go to ‘Settings’ through a web browser or mobile application. Now, go to ‘Public posts.’ Lastly, click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Public post comments’ and set it to ‘Friends’ or Friends of friends.’

How do I enable comment ranking on Facebook?

By enabling Comment Ranking, you’ll see the most relevant comments on your public posts first. It’s disabled by default, but enabling it is rather straightforward. To enable, go to Settings, tap on Public Posts, and toggle on ‘Comment Ranking’.

How are comments and likes shared on Facebook?

   Your comments and likes on Facebook are shared with different audiences depending on the privacy setting of the original post.   Since you can’t control the privacy setting of original post, think before you like or comment! (Originally posted in 2012; updated December 2019)