Who are the owners of the OTE Group?

Who are the owners of the OTE Group?

Deutsche Telekom holds 47.9% of OTE’s share capital and the Greek State holds 5.7%. OTE Group employs approximately 11,500 people in Greece and approximately 16,000 people in total. OTE Group offers a wide range of services: fixed and mobile telephony, broadband services, pay television and integrated ICT solutions.

Who is OTE International and what do they do?

OTE International is a world-class manufacturing company, established as an industry leader for more than two decades. OTE International researches, designs, and manufactures high-quality, economic components and finished goods for a global customer base.

What are the values of OTE Group Oman?

Nurtured in Oman, the OTE Group upholds the traditional Omani values of fairness, entrepreneurship and above all genuine respect for our customers, employees and business partners.

Which is the largest OTE Group in Greece?

In mobile telephony too, OTE Group breaks new ground by constantly developing its networks. COSMOTE’s mobile network is the largest in Greece, while it has won the Speedtest AwardsTM of the independent network metrics company, Ookla®, as “the fastest mobile network in Greece” for 8 consecutive times.

When did Deutsche Telekom acquire OTE in Greece?

In 2018, Deutsche Telekom acquired an additional 5% of OTE as it exercised the right of first refusal to acquire 24,507,520 ordinary shares as announced by HDRAF. The first Greek telephone directory is published. The TELEX service becomes operational. The Greek long-distance telephone network is automated.

How does the OTE Group contribute to the environment?

Sustainable growth is an integral part of the Group’s business strategy and the sustainable growth principles are integrated into its operation, through which it contributes to the economy, the society and the environment.