Who are the Guerrera wolves?

Who are the Guerrera wolves?

Francesca Guerrera and her brothers are descendants of the Guerrera Family, specifically Gabriel Guerrera Correa. The modern-day Guerreras triggered their werewolf genes in The Battle of New Orleans, and kept their identities as werewolves a secret until the time came when it was no longer necessary.

Is Francesca Guerrera a werewolf?

In The Battle of New Orleans, it’s revealed that Francesca, as well as the rest of her family, are werewolves from the Guerrera werewolf bloodline, who have been pretending to be human. Francesca was a member of the Guerrera Family.

What are the 7 original werewolf bloodlines?

Trivia. There are seven bloodlines that can be traced back to the beginning of werewolf history. These bloodlines are considered “royalty”. Deep Water, Malraux, BasRoq, Barry, Poldark and Paxon are revealed to be the others in Behind the Black Horizon.

Who played the werewolves in The Originals?

In 2014, Coleman was cast as the werewolf, Oliver, on the hit TV show The Originals, the popular spin-off show of The Vampire Diaries. His role as Oliver spanned a total of twelve episodes between Season 1 and Season 2 of the series.

Who kills Francesca Guerra?

Francesca Guerrera was the only daughter and youngest child of Benito I and Penelope Correa. She is the younger sister of Antonio, Carlos, Benito II and Domonique. She was the leader of a drug cartel and alpha of the Guerrera Pack after she triggered her werewolf gene. She was killed by Hayley.

What are Moonlight rings?

Moonlight Rings are the counter part to daylight rings. They were first introduced in The Immortal Chronicles: The Abundance of Redemption through Carlos to Eric. In order to function properly, moonlight rings require a black kyanite stone which has to become enchanted by a witch on the night of a full moon.

Who is the strongest werewolf in vampire Diaries?

Klaus Mikaelson
As the first Original vampire-werewolf hybrid with a millennium of experience, Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) is clearly one of the strongest and most influential werewolves in all the land.

What werewolf bloodline is Tyler from?

Apisi Werewolf Bloodline
Tyler was the last member of the Lockwood Family and the Apisi Werewolf Bloodline.

What werewolf bloodline is Hayley from?

Hayley Marshall-Kenner (born Andrea Labonair): Hayley/Andréa was born into the Labonair family on June 6, 1991, but was abandoned by her family when she was a baby.

Who are the band members of Werewolves of London?

Werewolves of London. ” Werewolves of London ” is a rock song performed by American singer-songwriter Warren Zevon. It was composed by Zevon, LeRoy Marinell and Waddy Wachtel and was included on Excitable Boy (1978), Zevon’s third solo album. The track featured Fleetwood Mac ‘s Mick Fleetwood and John McVie on drums and bass respectively.

Who are the werewolves in the Originals TV show?

Werewolves are also known as Lycanthropes. In New Orleans that have been named Loup Garou. The werewolf population has suffered greatly from genocide. Vampires slaughtered them in large numbers since they felt threatened by them pushing the race to the brink of extinction.

Who is Francesca Guerrera in the Vampire Diaries?

Francesca Guerrera (formerly Correa) was the owner of the Palace Royale casino, a dedicated philanthropist, the matriarch of a sizable drug trafficking empire throughout New Orleans, and actually a member of the formerly believed to be extinct Guerrera Werewolf Family.

How do you become a werewolf in the originals?

A werewolf has to be born into a family that carries the werewolf gene. Then in order to trigger their inherited werewolf gene, whether accidentally or intentionally. After the gene is triggered their powers will manifest and during the next full moon they will experience their first transformation into wolf form.