Which of the following are the types of explosion ports for oil circuit breaker?

Which of the following are the types of explosion ports for oil circuit breaker?

Externally generated pressure or forced blast or impulse oil circuit breakers in which arc control is provided by mechanical means external to the circuit breaker.

  • Self-Blast or Self-Generated Pressure Oil Circuit Breakers:
  • Externally Generated Pressure or Forced Blast or Impulse Type Oil Circuit Breakers:

What causes a circuit breaker to explode?

Insulating oil impurities. The large number of free oil circuit breaker oil carbonization, a large number of aging, the influx into the oil, water. Since the oily impurities, the circuit breaker internal flashover and cause an explosion.

What is the defect in oil circuit breaker?

The oil used in oil circuit breaker is inflammable and hence, cause a fire hazard. There is a risk of formation of explosive mixture with air. Due to decomposition of oil in the arc, the carbon particles is generated which polluted the oil and hence the dielectric strength of the oil decreases.

Can a circuit breaker explode?

If the circuit breaker won’t reset, and trips instantly, then you probably have a short in the circuit. This is a more complicated and serious reason for a breaker tripping because it can result in an excessive electric current that can potentially cause circuit damage, overheating, fire or even explosion.

How do I fix a tripped circuit breaker?


  1. Turn off the light switches and unplug appliances in the room that has lost power.
  2. Find your circuit breaker box and open the cover.
  3. Locate the tripped breaker.
  4. Reset the breaker by moving it to the full “off” position and then back to “on.” That may clear an overload and return power to the room.

What oil is used in oil circuit breakers?

Mineral oil has better insulating property than air. In oil circuit breaker the fixed contact and moving contact are immerged inside the insulating oil.