Which is the best website to showcase photography?

Which is the best website to showcase photography?

Gavin Gough’s website is unique. While it showcases photos, it uses an approach of showcasing different stories or themes. The full-size background photo takes center stage in this design. This is another site that makes excellent use of large background images to show off the work. Beautiful showcase of photos in a grid.

Who is the best wedding photographer in Texas?

Alexis Julia is a portrait and wedding photographer from Texas. She shares lots of personal info about herself on her photography website. She focuses on getting to know her clients and be part of the big moments of their life. Her photography website has a unique style and conveys a friendly atmosphere.

Which is the best website for Photography in the UK?

Best 39 Photography Websites 2021. 1 1. Tom Hull. Tom Hull is a landscape and advertising photographer based in the UK. Many of his photographs involve people who are not professional 2 2. Amelia Allen. 3 3. Adam Bird. 4 4. Haris Nukem. 5 5. Mathieu Stern.

Which is the best website for travel photography?

Burn Magazine Burn magazine uses a blog-like design to keep the lastest content fresh on the page. It uses a dark gray background to emphasise the site’s logo, displayed prominantly at the top, and a large photo to introduce the lead story. Gavin Gough Gavin Gough is a travel photographer currently living in Thailand.

Who is the photographer of magical places fine art?

Andrew Gibson is a photographer and writer. He runs Magical Places Fine Art, an online photography magazine and another great photography resource. More about Andrew ↬ Weekly tips on front-end & UX.

What’s the best way to view photos on a website?

Many photography sites use a toggle feature that allows for viewing photos one-by-one, or seeing a thumbnail grid for a quick overview. A scrolling grid with mid to large-sized images is a great, simple way to encourage visitors to keep viewing, plus this will feel familiar to anyone who uses Instagram. Use text wisely.

What’s the best way to design a photography website?

It’s also common on photography sites to use a hero slider that cycles through multiple photos. Hero sliders are great for people that have trouble picking their best photo. A grid-based website design (also called a card-based design or modular design) has been popularized by sites like Pinterest.

Which is the best photography website for WordPress?

You can also see our collection of the best WordPress photography themes for more ideas and options. The website of Jen Huang Bogan features large photos on the homepage (you can scroll down the page to see more). The navigation menu is simple and located in the left sidebar.

Can a hero image be used on a photography website?

As photographers specialize in images, a hero image works well with a photography site. You should probably pick your most captivating photo for your hero image. It’s also common on photography sites to use a hero slider that cycles through multiple photos.