Which drug may increase the risk of thyroid dysfunction?

Which drug may increase the risk of thyroid dysfunction?

The drugs which may cause thyrotoxicosis include interferon, molecular-targeted agents, amiodarone, thyroid hormone itself and so on. Those which cause hypothyroidism include anti-thyroid drugs, lithium and iodine etc.

Can multiple myeloma affect your thyroid?

It is important to recognize that multiple myeloma is one of the causes of falsely elevated thyroid hormone levels. The monoclonal immunoglobulin can bind with T3 as suggested in our case and also T4 as shown by Cissewski et al., causing elevated total but normal free thyroid hormone levels, with a normal TSH.

Can your thyroid recover from hypothyroidism?

In most cases, symptoms of hypothyroidism begin to improve within two weeks of starting thyroid replacement therapy. However, people with more severe symptoms, especially muscle pain and weakness, may require several months of treatment before they fully recover.

Does having hypothyroidism increase chances of cancer?

Hypothyroidism was consistently associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma, while it was consistently associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer.

Does multiple myeloma cause hypothyroidism?

We found that subclinical hypothyroidism occurred commonly in patients with multiple myeloma who were treated with thalidomide.

What are the side effects of melphalan in humans?

Severe bone marrow suppression with resulting infection or bleeding may occur. Melphalan is leukemogenic in humans. Melphalan produces chromosomal aberrations in vitro and in vivo and, therefore, should be considered potentially mutagenic in humans.

Are there any interactions between melphalan and food?

There are no known interactions of melphalan with food. This drug may interact with other medicines. Tell your doctor and pharmacist about all of the medicines and dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, and others) that you are taking at this time.

What are the symptoms of a stroke with melphalan?

Symptoms of a stroke such as sudden numbness or weakness of your face, arm, or leg, mostly on one side of your body; sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding; sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes; sudden trouble walking, feeling dizzy, loss of balance or coordination; or sudden, bad headache with no known cause.

What are the symptoms of not producing enough thyroid hormones?

The symptoms of hypothyroidism, in which the body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones, may include: Lethargy, slower mental processes or depression. Reduced heart rate. Increased sensitivity to cold. Tingling or numbness in the hands.