Which car share episode is about dogging?

Which car share episode is about dogging?

More videos on YouTube The scene, which was in the second episode of the first series, sees Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) talking about going dogging with her 80-year-old neighbour, leaving Peter’s character John a little flustered.

Who was the fishmonger in car share?

Reece Shearsmith
In episode 3 of series 1 two members of Halfords staff in their gold and black uniforms can be seen in the unloading bay as John and Kayleigh drop off their colleague “Stink” Ray (Reece Shearsmith) the fishmonger.

What car does Peter Kay use in car share?

Fiat 500L
The Fiat 500L used in Peter Kay’s hit TV sitcom Car Share will be sold to raise funds for charity after being listed for sale on Dealer Auction by Piccadilly Motors.

Who is stinky Ray?

Reeson Wayne “Reece” Shearsmith (born 27 August 1969) is an English actor, writer and comedian. He is perhaps best known for being a member of The League of Gentlemen, alongside Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss, and Jeremy Dyson.

What happened to old Ted in car share?

In Car Share, Danny is trolley attendant Ted 2 who takes over from Old Ted, who died of a heart attack in episode two.

Who is Sian Gibson husband?

Ian Gibson
Sian Gibson/Husband

What does Peter Kay do now?

Peter Kay now He urged people to buy tickets as proceeds from the shows would be used for cancer research by Cancer Research UK. According to Mirror, Peter is writing a new book on his life as of 2021.

How old is Reece Shearsmith?

52 years (August 27, 1969)
Reece Shearsmith/Age

How does car share end?

And the new and final episode of the hit BBC show appeared to suggest that the pair went off into the sunset together. The last scenes saw John and Kayleigh listening to music together on a bus after John’s car got towed. Kayleigh then rests her head on John’s shoulder. “Oh loved it!

How did Steve Pemberton meet Reece Shearsmith?

Pemberton, 53, and Shearsmith, 51, met at Bretton Hall College of Education in Yorkshire in the late 80s. “We never had any idea just how passionate people would become about it,” Pemberton says, “and that they shared our crazy vision, our sense of humour.”

Who is Peter Kay married to?

Susan Garganm. 2001
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Is Sian Gibson Welsh?

Siân Gibson (née Foulkes) is a Welsh comedy actress and television writer….Sian Gibson.

Siân Gibson
Born Siân Foulkes Mold, Flintshire, Wales
Nationality British
Occupation Comedy actress, writer
Years active 1997–present